Urban Fashion for Ladies

Urban chic

Urban fashion for ladies, like that of haute couture, changes with the seasons. However, there are some mainstays that one can count on in order to look fashionable, no matter the date on the calendar!

Urban Fashion for Ladies Explained

So what makes urban fashion for ladies so different from the fashion we see paraded up and down the catwalks in Paris and Milan? Well, what truly makes "urban" fashion different is that this style of dress tends to reflect the melting pot of ethnicities that make up the urban landscape.

For example, the spring season of a Milan fashion show may showcase a particular fabric like toile, or feature a particular print, like florals, that the grand dames of Vogue declare, well, in vogue! And while we may see a trickle-down effect of this particular trend in fabric, more often than not, fashion works the "other way around. That is, urban culture influences the fashion houses of France and Italy.

Embracing the Urban Fashion Lifestyle

In order to correctly embrace the urban fashion look, one needs to understand what exactly makes a look "urban". Consider the following guidelines:

  • The look should be "edgy".
  • It should be slightly ethnic.
  • The look should be bold, but functional.

Make the Look Edgy

If urban fashion is a style of dress that appeals to you, but you are unsure how to wear it, adhere to the following. Let's say that a women's business suit is your normal style of dress, and while you are very comfortable with the look, you fear that it's become boring. Spice this look up by pairing the suit with high heeled boots, a large, eye-catching belt, or by ditching the jacket of the suit and wearing a sweater (or a sweater set) with it instead. Any kind of hardware, or anything that makes the look stand out, will make it more urban-looking.

Make It Ethnic

The second ingredient in urban fashion for ladies is adding an "ethnic" element. That's because urban areas usually have a healthy size immigrant and/or ethnic population, and these different cultures, and their respective styles of dress, slowly but surely weave themselves into the overall fashion palette. There are a few different ways to incorporate this element into your everyday dress. One way that this can be done is by wearing several necklaces, of varying length, at the same time. Large earrings are also considered very urban. Other ethnic pieces to consider are peasant style blouses or clothes done in an "ethnic print."

Bold But Functional Looks

A bold look means wearing a piece of clothing, or an accessory, that is as eye-catching as it is functional. This is where knee high black boots and large colorful totes come in handy. The boots can be low-heeled, and not only do they look fantastic with just about any outfit, but they also keep you warm during the colder months. Large totes or purses work in much the same way; they can hold everything from water bottles to paperwork, but they look fashionable while doing it!

Wardrobe Mainstays

Some urban fashion looks are here to stay. Filling your wardrobe with any and all of these key pieces can keep you looking fashion forward for years to come. They'll also look great no matter the urban setting:

  • A fashionable wool coat
  • Boots (either ankle length or knee length)
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Ballet Flats
  • A black cardigan
  • A fiercely designed belt
  • Pencil-thin skirts
  • A tweed or corduroy blazer
  • Eye-catching jewelry
  • Pumps or stilettos in a look-at-me color

Where to Shop

Some online sites are better than others. You can find some terrific pieces for your wardrobe at any one of these fashion Web sites:

  • Macy's: Season after season they produce quality pieces that always look sharp.
  • Forever 21: Try this site for great fashion deals.
  • Mandee: While most of their customers are teenagers, they always have fashion accessories that women of all ages can incorporate into their everyday wardrobe.
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Urban Fashion for Ladies