Thigh High Socks

striped thigh highs

In many ways an improvement on the classic stocking, thigh high socks can add warmth and/or sexiness to a variety of outfits. Comfortable and funky, they are quickly becoming a must-have for teens and adult women alike.

Wearing Thigh High Socks

Unlike stockings, which either require garters to stay in place or have uncomfortable rubberized elastic tops that bite into the leg, thigh-high socks are elasticized throughout, like an ordinary sock, so the best of them will stay up and not compromise your circulation or look.

With fun patterns or decorative tops, the natural look for a thigh-high sock is to wear it with a mini-skirt or shorts. But many women worry that this look is a bit too risqué. True, the socks can be incredibly hot, but if you aren't comfortable, there are a number of other options.

One of the easiest and most fun alternatives is to go ahead and wear that short skirt or shorts, but with a contrasting color pair of tights underneath and the socks over the tights. This way, you've added warmth and a whole lot of flair to your look. You can also wear them under looser dresses and floaty skirts, where they will have more of a peek-a-boo effect.

Another great option is to wear them with your knee-high boots and scrunch them down so that they lightly bunch just above the knee. Again, you might wear tights underneath as well. With the socks being so cute and practical, you should definitely not let anything stand in your way of wearing them.

Looks to Avoid

While just about anything goes, you want to be careful about going overboard. Basic fashion rules still apply - try to create balance in terms of colors and styles. If your socks are multi-colored and bear a wild pattern, your shoes, skirt or shorts should be very plain.

The best-looking shorts to wear with these socks are slightly longer, tailored shorts. Whether you opt for tights or not, this is still an attractive look with just a hint of sexiness. Thigh-high styles with very short, tight shorts are only appropriate for club-wear.

Shopping for Thigh High Socks

Right now, the socks are just about everywhere. Since they don't have to be tried on, you can shop at your leisure online. The main thing you want to try and be sure of is quality. Obviously, you can't touch the fabric when buying online, so look for socks that are either made by a company whose products you know and like, or anything that has been reviewed by and has a positive rating from customers. You want socks that hold up to numerous washings before the elastic starts to loosen.

American Apparel makes quality socks that are very popular. Their triple-striped sock comes in 22 different color variations and is so reasonably priced, you can comfortably buy a number of pairs. Most reviewers are very pleased, although some do warn that the socks can roll down a bit during the day and can be a little scratchy, especially if you have sensitive skin.

For a really large online selection of thigh-high styles, go to Free People, which carries a variety of colors and patterns. All the socks are one size only.

Sock Dreams also has a number of cute patterns for reasonable prices. They have an excellent range of different designs and sock textures, whether you want a pair of sheer stockings or a thick knit for coller temperatures.

Make Your Own Socks

For the crafty woman who knows the trick of knitting good socks, there are a number of patterns currently available, such as this one from Of course, you can also just adapt your favorite sock pattern. This way, you'll end up with socks that aren't just unique, they are uniquely your own!

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Thigh High Socks