Summer Vacation Outfits

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If you're planning to travel during the summer, packing the right summer vacation outfits will ensure you enjoy your getaway and look fantastic the entire time you're away from home.

Vacation Outfit Smarts

Chances are, if you're going away for the summer, you're probably headed someplace hot. You want to look just as hot and chic, so choosing the right outfits is important.

Since your vacation outfits will probably travel by bag, it's important to pack wisely. It's a good idea to select outfits that pack well, so anything that needs a ton of ironing upon arrival is only going to cut into valuable relaxation time. You can always hang clothing in garment bags that you don't want to wrinkle, but the lighter you pack, the fewer bags you have to lug.

Which Summer Vacation Outfits to Pack

You have your own style, so make sure your vacation outfits reflect that. Don't pack a clingy turquoise dress if that's not you, even if it's the hot color of the season. To feel comfortable and confident on your getaway, choose warm weather styles that fit your unique fashion vibe.

These choices in summer vacation outfits can be tailored to your needs.

Summer Dresses and Skirts

Warm weather dresses and skirts should be casual and easy. You want to just slip one on, add accessories and go. Styles that work well for summer vacation include long or short sundresses, maxi dresses, mini dresses and halter-top dresses. Your skirts may be airy and breezy or slightly bohemian in style.Cotton is a favorite fabric, but if you're concerned about the wrinkling factor, choose "wrinkle-free" summer dresses and skirts that will travel well from suitcase straight onto you. White is a good summery color, but look for fun and vibrant prints as well.


This is a quintessential summer material and better yet, a little wrinkling is expected of linen. You'll find this versatile fabric in dresses and skirts, but also in chic suits. Pack a linen two-piece skirt or slacks suit for those "dressier" occasions, where just a swimsuit and sarong won't do. You can slip a tank top beneath the jacket or leave the jacket in your hotel room. White linen is a great choice, but so is coral, black, taupe and chocolate.

Shorts and Capri Pants

Shorts and capris are available in a wide variety of materials, colors and patterns. Opt for plaids, florals, gingham or funky prints, as well as solids. Younger women, and those with fabulous legs, will look good in short shorts, but if you prefer a less leggy look, Bermuda shorts and capris will still keep you cool and summer-ready.


Besides shorts and pants, the huge selection of summer tops will keep ladies of all ages looking great on vacation. Any woman can complement shorts, slacks or a skirt with a well-chosen top, such as these smart options:

Bathing Suits and Cover-ups

What's the point of summer vacation if you don't pack a bathing suit (or two or three?). Besides a flattering swimsuit, whether it's a one-piece or two, pack cover-ups in styles such as sarongs, tank dresses or tunics, depending on which one fits your style best.

Packing Tips

Besides choosing the right style of clothing, try these tips to make packing easier for your next summer vacation:

  • Choose complementary colors: It will be easier to coordinate your outfits and possibly get more than one wear out of a garment if you pack colors that work well with one another. This doesn't mean leaving that vibrant red dress at home if it makes you feel like a million bucks. Packing clothes in tones that work well with one another, however, allows you to easily mix and match and pack lighter.
  • Check your itinerary: Try to plan your outfits around your daily activities. If formal events are not part of your vacation, there's no need to pack a floor-length gown. Pack for what you need, allowing for one or two extra outfits just in case.
  • Pack the right way: You'll have fewer wrinkles in your clothes and can maximize your luggage space when you pack neatly instead of tossing garments in haphazardly. Put outfits together when packing to save more time when you reach your destination; everything will be organized and ready to go at a moment's notice.

Enjoying Your Vacation

A vacation won't be nearly as enjoyable if you find yourself ironing all the time or unable to match that bright floral shirt with anything else in your suitcase. Pack smart, choose styles that look good on you, and you'll have a great time full of relaxation - more importantly, you'll be fashionable every day of your vacation.

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