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Gallery of Special Occasion Blouses

Special occasion blouses take you beyond the ordinary to add extra flair. Many women's evening wear and occasion blouses are made from sleeker fabrics that have a bit of extra sparkle and include special embellishments and details such as lace, embroidery, beading, ruffles, pearl or unusual buttons, shirring, intricate collar or sleeve accents, or other details that set the blouse apart from day wear tops.

Pictured: A bold color keeps a cute design looking fresh and modern. A combination of silky fabric and details front tie detail, and a v-neck adds interest.

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Sleeveless Lace Blouse

Keep balance in mind when wearing a special occasion blouse. Pair heavily embellished blouses, like this fitted lace and sheer top, with a slim pant so the look isn't overdone.

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Print Special Occasion Blouse

An animal print blouse can be elegant, especially with unique cut outs and shiny material, like this cut out tank top blouse.

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Flutter Sleeve Blouse

For an ultra feminine feel, choose a blouse with delicate beadwork and flutter sleeves for your special occasion.

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Dramatic Cowl Neck Blouse

Add instant flair to your look with a dramatic, attention getting blouse like this draped neckline style from Nordstrom.

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Sheer Elegance

A simple blouse, like this semi-sheer blouse, is extremely versatile. Dress it up or down depending on the formality of the occasion.

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Sequined Tank Top

Glam it up with a sequin top like this tank top from PrettyGuide Woman. Pair the top with daring leather pants, or a satin skirt.

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Off the Shoulder Blouse

An off the shoulder blouse is so versatile. Pair it with dark pants or a skirt, this embroidery-embellished, off the shoulder number makes you look glamorous.

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Romantic Blouse

Or keep it sweet and sophisticated. Elegant ruffles and a light hue create a romantic feel in an evening blouse. Whether it's a simple holiday celebration or a more upscale event, the right blouse can make you shine.

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Gallery of Special Occasion Blouses