Pictures of Flattering Styles for All Body Shapes

Finding Flattering Styles

While it's true that to look your best you should dress for your body shape, there are some clothing items that are flattering styles for any body shape. If you need to put together a look quickly, chances are one of these styles will flatter whether you are a pear, apple, rectangle, or hourglass shape. The beauty of having these versatile and figure flattering pieces in your wardrobe is that most are classic rather than trendy, so you'll always be in style.

Not sure about color? Try one of these colors, which are flattering to virtually any skin tone and hair color: dark teal, eggplant, soft rose, or true red.

Jacket with a Nipped Waist

A great jacket or blazer is essential to any woman's wardrobe. This work wardrobe staple can also be dressed down with jeans and flats, making it versatile. A nipped waist jacket that fits the wearer properly and is cut in slightly at the waist is one of the most flattering jacket styles for all figures. It makes the waist looks smaller and automatically creates an hourglass figure. Pinstripes or narrow stripes further slenderize. Opt for single button styles rather than double breasted jackets, which add unnecessary bulk.

The most flattering length for most women is a blazer or jacket that falls at your hips.

A Line Skirt

An a line skirt is flattering to all nearly all figure types. Although some women can get away with shorter styles, knee length is typically the most flattering.

This skirt style is smallest at the waist and flares out just slightly skimming the body in a flattering. The moderate style doesn't emphasize problem areas.

Boot Cut Jeans
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Feeling frazzled with all the choices in jeans? While skinny jeans can be tricky to pull off, and flares aren't flattering on everyone, the boot cut jean is the denim of choice when it comes to a style that's flattering for all body types. The style is fitted enough to slenderize, but also skims the leg comfortable. This jean does double duty: because it fits fairly closely and the ankles are slightly larger than the leg, it can slenderize and elongate curvier figures. Since the jean skims the leg and fits the waist, however, it can also cover angles and add softness to rectangular body shapes, making the jean an appealing choice.

V Neck Top
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V neck tops, tee shirts, and sweaters, are staples for any woman. V neck tees and tops can be worn with many different items and draw attention create a longer neckline and draw the eye vertically along the body. Keep in mind v neck tops do not have to be plunging; in fact, a moderate v neck is most flattering for the majority of women.

Look for fabrics that fit without clinging to look your best.

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Other flattering details in tops or blouses for nearly all body shapes include surplice or faux surplice (also called wrap) styles. Surplice tops help define or give the illusion of a shapely figure, and have a slimming effect overall.

Empire Waist Dresses

Empire, or high waisted dresses that are fitted in the bust area and fall away from the body below the bust, are not only flattering, but a comfortable dress option as well.

While empire styles work well on most body shapes, small busted ladies can look larger by choosing dresses with shirring, beading, or other details on top, while those who want to detract attention from the bust can opt for simpler designs and details at the hem or along the dress line.

Flattering Wrap Dresses
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Wrap dresses are another style that flatter virtually everyone. While traditional wraps have ties or thin sashes at the waist, those with extra weight around the tummy sometimes opt for faux wraps, which provide the flattering style without added material at the waist. Wrap dresses create proportion and balance for nearly all figures.

Flattering, Versatile Scarves

Accessories like scarves can take an outfit form simple to spectacular in an instant. Scarves can be worn in so many different ways, and they are flattering for everyone, no matter what your body shape. Worn at the neck, they add a sexy touch and draw attention to your face. Worn long and loose, they elongate your look and slenderize. Lightly knotted or bunched up and thrown over the shoulder, they add instant curves.

Thanks for viewing these flattering styles for any body shape. For more tips, see: Body Shape Fashion Tips, Body Shape Flattering Styles, Clothing for Different Body Shapes, Basic Wardrobe Planning.

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Pictures of Flattering Styles for All Body Shapes