7 Pictures that Changed the Face of Fashion


If you're looking for a collection of 7 pictures that changed the face of fashion, these photos illustrate major style changes throughout the decades. Every woman didn't take part in every trend, but nonetheless, these innovative fashions had a huge impact on how many women dressed.

The emergence of the flapper in the Roaring Twenties brought a firm end to long dresses. Women ditched the corset, flattened their breasts and cut their hair. This is just one of the 7 pictures that changed the face of fashion.

Slacks Become Popular


Coco Chanel helped popularize slacks on women. Tailored pants offered women more ease and freedom in their clothing choices and no longer confined them to dresses without other alternatives.

The Bikini Makes Waves


With the bikini hitting the swimsuit scene, summer was never the same! Gone were the long, one-piece numbers that covered women from chest to ankle. While one-piece suits are still popular, the two-piece changed beach fashion forever.

The Mini


After the '50s and poodle skirts went out of fashion, hemlines rose -- dramatically! Mini dresses or mini skirts paired with knee-high boots was an extremely popular look. Women usually wore short shorts beneath them to keep their outfits G-rated.

The New Casual


Jeans are now so ubiquitous, it may be hard to imagine a time when women didn't slip them on for any casual occasion.

Strong Suits


In the 1980s, women became an even bigger presence in the workforce. They fit into the corporate scene often by dressing like the men they worked with. Shoulder pads were big -- literally and figuratively!

Off the Shoulder


With the popularity of the feature film Flashdance, Jennifer Beals was propelled to instant stardom and so was the one-shoulder top she wore in the film and on movie posters everywhere.


Fashion will always evolve and change, which is part of the fun. There are, of course, more than just seven photographs that changed fashion, but these are a good beginning to explore all of the facets of women's style.

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7 Pictures that Changed the Face of Fashion