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Shrug sweaters manage to be basic and sophisticated at the same time. Do you like simple clothes with a touch of sexy style? If you do, shop away for a shrug sweater with a hint of elegance, and in colors that will match pretty much everything in your closet.

How to Style Your Sweater

Shrug sweaters are impossibly fun: You can find one that matches just about any look you can concoct! While many of them have a more low-key style, that's not all. You can find many a sweater shrug that can double as a formal cover-up in place of a shawl or wrap. If you're unfamiliar with ways to style a sweater that's a little looser and snuggly, here's what you need to know.

  • Try your sweater with longline tank tops and bootcut or skinny jeans. If you are a newbie to the sweater look, you might want to try something basic first-don't pressure yourself to go all out just yet!
  • Toss on a sweater shrug instead of a blazer or jacket. You'll feel less pressured to remove it in colder weather, and it won't look like you are wearing your jacket indoors. It's also great for someone who needs to go indoors and then outdoors without a big transition in outerwear.
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  • Select a sweater that matches closely or coordinates with a formal dress if you are going for a dressier look. You won't overwhelm your wardrobe if you don't try any complicated color combinations at first.
  • Don't forget about embellishments. Some sweater shrug styles can be found with sequins, embroidery, or other additions, and they might not just be formal styles. You may also find pieces with unusual single closures to add a special accent to your outfit.
  • Fluid blends of silk and angora are perfect for someone looking for an elegant drape to their selections.
  • If you are planning on purchasing more than one shrug sweater, buy them in a variety of lengths and silhouettes. You can find ones that hit at the waist, but you'll find plenty that reach down below the hip or farther.
  • A shrug sweater is a smart choice to bring to the office for those chilly times in the cubicle. Buy one in a rayon blend that's easily compressed into a drawer, cubby, or bag.
  • Match that shrug with a pair of cool tights in a matching color to make that outfit blend together beautifully.
  • Avoid jewelry and accessories with rough finishes and clasps. You run the risk of damaging your new fashion find when you wear something pointy-it could snag.
  • Remember that shrugs can come in a variety of sleeve lengths and styles. Some have raglan or batwing sleeves to allow for comfort, while others are sleeveless instead, and can be worn in warmer weather than other sweater shrugs, much like a vest.
  • Textured knits add interest to cotton and plain wool items, as do bright, exciting colors.

Where to Buy a Shrug Sweater

Forever 21 offers affordable shrug sweaters for every budget. Check out their shrug sweaters with buttons or other closures.Barneys New York has many open style shrug sweaters from reputable designers. Look for ones with a feminine shape and draped sleeves.

Pink Mascara offers a variety of shrug sweaters from popular labels, and there are regular sales and discounts online.

Buy an open shrug at DKNY, which is a smart place to buy affordable picks for women. Expect to find classic colors and selections.

Choose funky shrugs from locations like Oak and Urban Outfitters. Expect nontraditional shapes and cutting-edge fabrics used in many of these designs.

Spiegel's classic looks have a contemporary vibe and a fair price point for the moderate, but budget-conscious, shopper.

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Shrug Sweater