Short Sleeve Skirt Suits

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Presenting a fresh, comfortable approach to professional ensembles, short sleeve skirt suits are a great alternative to the usual options. They look modern and, more importantly, keep you cool in balmy weather.

The Ubiquitous Suit

Whether or not you need to wear a suit to your workplace, chances are you may find need to actually wear a suit at some point in your life. Meetings, job interviews and other polished environments typically demand something pulled together, crisp and no nonsense, and a suit fits the bill nicely. In a cut that flatters your figure and paired with minimal accessories and great shoes, a suit can make you look and feel like a million bucks.

Choosing Short Sleeve Skirt Suits

Pants suits are suitable to wear when the weather acts up and you need that extra bit of warmth to see you through the day, or even if your office tends to be chilly year round. Otherwise, though, a skirt suit is a great option for infusing your no-fuss look with femininity and elegance. Just because you're at work or in another serious setting doesn't have to mean sacrificing your penchant for style.

Skirt suits do the job beautifully. They're available in many different cuts and colors, so there is a style out there to suit every woman's body and unique tastes. In the summer, though, a long sleeved suit jacket may not feel as comfortable as it would in fall or even on crisp spring days. For that reason, the modern short sleeve suit is an excellent option.

While this style was once quite rare, today it enjoys a great deal of prominence in the workplace. It is still not as common as the basic skirt suit or even the ubiquitous pants suit, but is becoming increasingly popular among young age groups. Despite their youthful appeal, short sleeve skirt suits don't discriminate: Women of all ages can wear them, but more accomplished women tend to favor their long sleeve counterparts simply because those are more polished and conservative, and therefore more appropriate for corporate environments (especially in "higher up" positions).

What to Look For

Depending on your environment and even your age, you might opt for a specific type of modern skirt suit with a matching short sleeve jacket. The biggest difference between these types of suits is usually seen on the skirt style. Some are flared, pleated and almost girlish in quality, while others are sleek pencil styles.

Focus on the image you convey at the workplace. If you're in a position of authority, your ensembles should also reflect that. As such, you may wish to steer clear of youthful skirts with ruffles, pleats or anything that renders the skirt too "full" or voluminous. By nature, this look is more trendy than conservative, and may backfire in a professional environment. Instead, opt for a pencil or moderately straight cut. If your office is more casual or your own position does not warrant a particularly straight-laced ensemble, a more playful skirt may work just fine.

Skirt suits do take the challenge out of getting dressed for work, since the pieces match. Just be sure that both garments fit you well. The jacket may be detailed in some way - often, professional suit jackets with short sleeves are cinched at the waist with a belt or otherwise embellished. Ensure that the detailing does not overwhelm your look and that the jacket does not hang too long on your body. The right suit jacket fits comfortably through the arms, falls to the hips or just below and is slightly fitted for a polished appearance. This look complements the accompanying skirt beautifully.

Where to Purchase

Designers Anne Klein and Calvin Klein both carry an impressive range of short sleeve skirt suits in a host of colors, ranging from black and white to gray and baby blue. In short, there's something for everyone out there. Your best bet is to try them on at a department store before purchasing in order to determine whether the cut - and the overall look of a short sleeve suit - suits you personally.

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Short Sleeve Skirt Suits