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Sheer clothing is a great option when you want to inject a little excitement into your wardrobe.

Why Wear Sheer Clothing?

Wearing sheer clothing is always a bit of a risk; it guarantees you'll be the center of attention, but you never know how it will be received. That said, however, this really is a terrific type of clothing to employ to help shake up your closet, especially if you've been in something of a wardrobe malaise.

Types of Sheer

Today, it's relatively easy to find sheer fabric on a whole host of clothes. Consider:

A Sheer Dress

A sheer dress can be incredibly flattering, but only if it's tastefully done. With that in mind, consider a dress that features a section of sheer fabric, for example, on the shoulders and arms. This type of sheer keeps the look tasteful, while offering just a hint of sensuality.

Sheer Pants

Sheer pants, as one might imagine, can be tricky to pull off. To be sure, most women wouldn't even consider wearing these types of pants to run errands, but if you happen to be lounging poolside, or sunning at the beach, then they may be appropriate. Although a bit impractical, wearing this type of pant really depends on the wearer's preference.

Blouses and Tops

Sheer blouses and tops tend to be very similar to the sheer dress look, where the sheer portion of the top is confined to either the shoulder area, the arms, or both.

Additional "sheer sections" can also include the back of the blouse, which can be quite fetching, and the mid-section of the top, at the stomach, which may not be quite so fetching. In fact, consider avoiding blouses (and dresses) that feature a sheer mid-section, as the look tends to appear a bit dated, similar to several of the trends in the 1980s.

Sheer Wraps and Coats

Sheer can actually work very well when it comes to a wrap or a coat, especially if you are enjoying an evening out at the theatre. The key to wearing it well lies in how closely the sheer fabric matches the consistency of your actual outfit. For example, a heavy wool dress can look downright silly when paired with an elegant sheer shawl. On the other hand, a sheer wrap strikes just the right note when paired with a wispy summer dress. The key here lies in keeping the entire ensemble consistent. If in doubt, a good way to think about it is that "like objects should go together." Just as it's rare to see combat boots paired with a baby doll dress (unless one is making a statement), so too we wouldn't want to see a sheer coat over a turtleneck.

Where to Wear

All that said, however, there is a time and a place where sheer can look appropriate, and even elegant. This is especially true if you happen to be attending a cocktail party or a reception of some sort.

Also, this is obviously a style that looks more appropriate in the summer than winter. Additionally, keep in mind that sheer clothing is rarely appropriate for the office, but check your company's dress policy to be sure.

Best Places to Shop

The best place to begin your search for clothes that are sheer is to focus on some of the larger lingerie stores. That's because they have easy access to sheer fabrics, and since most lingerie chains, like Frederick's of Hollywood, and Victoria's Secret, have expanded their markets to include regular clothing, it'll be easier to find what you are looking for there. Additionally, one should also try Nordstrom, as they have a spectacular sheer cocktail dress that'll be just perfect for your next party.

Putting It All Together

If you've been wondering whether or not you should incorporate some key sheer pieces into your wardrobe, the answer is yes! This is a wonderful way to punch up a wardrobe with some excitement and it can lend an air of alluring elegance to many of your typical ensembles. The key thing to remember is that when it comes to sheer, less is truly more. Follow that rule, and you are sure to look great!


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