Sexy Pea Coats

Pea coat

The sexy pea coats of today mean looking fabulous and current, even when the mercury dips!

What to Look For

Pea coats are a mainstay for ladies in the know for a good reason. Infinitely attractive, these coats work with almost every outfit in our closets. From skirts to jeans to slacks, we know we'll look great. Another key element of the classic pea coat is that it can literally go anywhere and fit in flawlessly.

In other words, whether at brunch, at work or at the movies, this coat never looks like a fashion faux pas. With versatility like that, what girl can refuse? There are however, some drawbacks:


All that versatility, like our favorite black pair of slacks, usually equals one thing: boring! Yes, we look good, but we can't exactly claim that our finger is on the current pulse of fashion!

Slightly boxy

There's also that ever present "square" shape that accompanies the coat. It's almost like wearing a box, and if it weren't for our skinny jeans and riding boots, well, we'd run the risk of looking a bit sexless!

The only way to combat this is to buy a coat that's slightly smaller in size, but doing that means giving up having second helpings at dinner and that is practically out of the question! So, what's a girl to do? Turn to the sexy pea coats of today and leave the old one in the back of the closet.

What Are Sexy Pea Coats?

There are three discernible factors that distinguish the sexy pea coats of today from the rest of the pack. They are:

  • Details: Details like large circular buttons, a shawl collar and belt slashes or ties can all make a pea coat more feminine in appearance. The large buttons break up the monotony of fabric, the shawl collar highlights the delightful curve of the female neck and belt ties help to add definition to the waist. Add all those details together, and you get a coat that is at once functional and feminine.
  • Length: The length of the coat is extremely important and the sexy pea coats of today take that factor into consideration and inculcate it into the overall design. A coat that is too long will, unless you are Cindy Crawford, dwarf you, and one too short may prove too impractical for everyday use. The designers of these new coats have come up with an ingenious solution; the flared hem. To be sure, the coat still hits at about hip length, but where there used to be that limiting "boxed in shape," now one finds delightful movement and swing. Brilliant, n'est pas?
  • Fabric: Whereas most pea coats used to be made from wool, we now see fabric that ranges from the quilted look to traditional nylon blends. This means that there are more choices, and more ways for the designers to overlay their prints upon the coat. When it comes to fashion, who doesn't want more choices?

Know the Different Styles

Nothing beats a smart shopper. Not only do they spend their dollars wisely, but they know which style works best on their particular body types. To that end, here are some different styles of pea coats you can expect to see today:

The Cape Style

You'll often find that this style has a high collar, and arms that are cut loose to swing. The sleeves of this coat mesh perfectly with the flowing hem that accompanies the coat. While the cape cut works beautifully in black, think about purchasing one in a standout color like red or berry. This way, dressing the coat up or down is a breeze.

Flare Coat

As the name implies, this pea coat does just that. It flares out at the hem in the most attractive of ways. While this look may not be for everyone, if you have a bit of a belly pooch (and who doesn't?), this look effectively camouflages it. To keep the coat in proportion, pair it with slim fitting pants or skirts. Whatever you do, do not wear this coat with flared trouser pants; you'll just end up looking more wide than svelte.

Patterned Coat

The patterned coat manages to look great without all of the bells and whistles of large button details and shawl collars. Instead, this coat relies on its patterned print to garner its attention. It gets it too, especially in a light camel color with white trim, or a graphic black and white print.

Cut in Sides

The cut-in sides coat is one of the most feminine you'll see and it's very beautiful. Here, the coat's sides are nipped in so that the natural shape of the wearer's body is showcased. Further, occasionally you'll find highlighted seams in various colors. This further serves to highlight the waist for added emphasis.

Where to Shop

Several different online retailers carry the new sexy pea coats. Try some of the following sites to find the perfect one:

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