Runway Model Oops

Runway model

Runway model oops can be people's favorite thing to Google. They're fun to read about and to watch, and while we feel bad for the models, it's not about them falling or flashing-it's about a fashion event that's planned so perfectly, yet still things go wrong. That's just the way life is sometimes, isn't it?

Runway Model Oops

Every model has an embarrassing moment or two, but some are unforgettable. Here are some of the most famous model mistakes for your researching pleasure.

  • Naomi Campbell fell on 10-inch heels at a Vivienne Westwood show. She might have looked confident, but she couldn't battle the tippy nature of Westwood's trendy shoes.
  • Two models fell at an Elie Saab couture show, and the video went viral. A long train, high heels, and a slippery runway aren't a good combination for a model, particularly a newbie.
  • On America's Next Top Model, model hopeful Alexandra fell and got captured in a popular YouTube clip as well. Not only did she fall down a flight of stairs, but she got hit with a huge pendulum prop.

How to Prevent a Runway Model Mistake

Models make mistakes on the runway all the time. Are you familiar with some of their biggest errors at shows?

  • Models often have straps slip off their shoulders, and they can flash an entire breast to an audience if they aren't careful with posture.
  • Sometimes models forget to wear proper undergarments underneath their runway garments, which can look awkward and unattractive. It can vary from large panties with a distinctive line all the way to no underwear underneath a mini dress.
  • Models can trip and fall when wearing high heels, which is probably one of the most common runway oops moments. Sometimes it's because of the shoes, other times it's human error, and still others involve mistakes with flooring choices at shows.

Runway Model Tips

Some runway models have managed to avoid "oops" errors with a few smart moves. Are you familiar with the tricks of the trade?

  • Wear a pair of shoes with slightly roughed-up soles on the ball of the feet and a rubber heel tip. You can also get your shoes altered with a special invisible pad on the sole of the foot as well.
  • Step carefully, without dragging your feet. If you drag your feet at all while walking, you will find the opportunity to trip on cracks. That's one way to have an "oops" moment.
  • Anchor your clothes to your brassiere or foundation garment to avoid the all-too-common nip slip. You're be secure at work knowing that you can lean over and get things done without a problem. One of the most popular products is Hollywood Tape, which is used by a lot of stylists to the stars.
  • Use same-colored bras and panties underneath your clothes when you'll be in front of a flash. If you don't wear black under black and nude under white (lined, please), you will see that a flash renders your clothes absolutely see-through.
  • Scan the ground ahead of you while walking. Don't look down, but be sure to pay attention to what's up ahead. Scan the ground while keeping your chin up, and combine that with your confident steps to keep your walk smooth and steady.
  • If you have a choice of heels, avoid ones that might slip off the back of your feet and cause you to trip. Some shoe styles that often do that are mules and slingbacks.

Runway model oops are so entertaining that we have a suggestion for you: take a look at the next fashion week photos to see if you can't find an "oops" for yourself. Thanks to all the fashion shows and presentations going on during the year, you should be able to find something exciting.

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