Red Tube Top

bright red top

Bright, adventurous color is hot for spring and summer, and a bold red tube top can show off your style and keep you cool and comfortable in warmer temps.

The Allure of Red

There is something about the color red that just sizzles. It is a sexy, confidant color that is also amazingly versatile. It can work well with a variety of other colors as well as neutrals. True red is also a color that can flatter many skin tones and hair and eye colors, so it's no wonder this color is popular in everything from classic dresses to trendy shoes.

Hot Looks in Red Tube Style Tops

There is more variation than ever before in the classic tube top, and when you pair it with sexy red, you have a winning combination. There are plenty of traditional terry cloth and cotton styles available, and both strapless and neck halter strapped versions, and these make casual and cute summer outfits when paired with a great skirt or shorts. For something with a bit more splash, however, designers are showing off some great new looks in this classic casual staple:

  • Red Sequined Tubes: These shiny tops are perfect for club wear, parties, and other casual settings when you want a little more sparkle. An example is this tube available at Amazon.
  • Silky Tube Tops: Sophisticated and sexy, a silky tube made from satin, rayon, silk, or a blend is an elegant and easy look. Wear one alone with dark jeans or wide legged trousers for a combination of casul casualstication. A lightweight tube is also the perfect partner for a light cardigan or summer sweater. The cute and sleek Jennifer Hope flowy tube with a crocheted bust available at is one example.
  • Embellished Tube Top: Embellished tops are fun and provide a sophisticated look. See the Vintage Havana Tube available at Bluefly for an example of this type of top.

Wearing a Red Tube Top

It's well established that red is a powerful, popular color, and trend-worthy as well in an array of shades from candy apple to brick red, but can you pull off the look of a red tube top?

Tube tops are traditionally comfortable, casual apparel for women sported during the spring and summer months, but designers are taking new risks with the classic tube top, and you'll see looks that are more upscale as well as ultra-casual looks. Since the top leaves the shoulders completely bare, the idea of wearing this type of top is sometimes daunting to women. With a few tips, however, you can be comfortable and confident in a red tube style top.

  • Red is an attention getting color, so wear the tube top in a setting you are comfortable in. Summer outings with good friends, for example, might be perfect.
  • Wear a flesh colored strapless bra rather than a white bra under the red top. If a bit of the bra peeks out before you can adjust, it will be much less noticeable than the white.
  • Consider carefully before pairing black with a red tube top. Red and black together are very bold and very sexy, so be sure you are confidant enough in the outfit to pull it off. Grey is a more subdued color that also looks great with red, and denim is the perfect match for a red tube style top.
  • With any color of tube top, get the proper fit (the top should fit fairly snugly) to keep everything in its place.

A red tube top can pair perfectly with a wide number of casual and casual-dressy looks, from denim shorts and slim jeans to cute summer skirts. Keep your confidence, choose a style you love, and you're sure to sizzle this summer.

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Red Tube Top