Psychobilly Clothing for Women

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psychobilly clothing for women is unique, mixing elements of punk rock and rockabilly fashion, revealing unexpected twists and unabashed originality.

About psychobilly Clothing

While rockabilly clothing became popularized with the debut of the rockabilly musical style in the 1950s, psychobilly clothing styles emerged in the late 1970s and early '80s with the rise of the psychobilly musical genre. psychobilly music began as a new style mixing punk and rockabilly music along with other musical influences. psychobilly music is noted for lyrics that touch on subjects related to science fiction horror, sexuality, and violence; although songs often present subject matter in ironic, comedic, or tongue-in-cheek ways. By mixing various elements of punk, hot rod and motorcycle culture, film influences, and incorporating 1950s women's fashion influences and subculture dress elements, psychobilly clothing broke forth as an original style that refuted nicety. Bold, brash, and often blatantly sexy, psychobilly women's fashion takes confidence to pull off.

Types of psychobilly Clothing for Women

Often termed as an anti-fashion genre, psychobilly clothing for women was originally far from mainstream fashions. In contemporary times, as more anti-establishment clothing genres are embraced, psychobilly clothes retain a definite appeal to many women.

Characteristics of women's psychobilly clothing include short and long sleeve shirts, jeans, and other items that are shredded or ripped, heavily studded clothing and accessories like belts, as well as leather skirts and jackets. Bleached, destroyed-look denim with a close fit is another psychobilly staple for women. Colors are based on a core of lots of black, red, and pink; with black and white contrast clothing, polka dots and checks, and black and red or pink plaid skirts also showing up at the top of the essential psychobilly women's wardrobe. Leopard or animal prints are another prime feature.

Tee shirts, skirts, dresses, and accessories may be emblazened with bold emblems of skulls, skeletons, flames, broken hearts, caricature pinup girls, zombie or undead girls, bass/guitar/music emblems.

Types of psychobilly ladies clothing include:

  • Tight tee shirts
  • psychobilly band tee shirts
  • Fitted short sleeve button blouses
  • Western style short sleeve tops
  • Hoodies
  • Striped long sleeve tees
  • Halter tops
  • Tube tops
  • Pencil skirts
  • Pinstrip skinny capris
  • Animal print leggings
  • Mini skirts with thigh highs or fishnet tights
  • Rockabilly dresses
  • Diner dresses

Where to Buy psychobilly Ladies Clothes

The growing popularity of the pscyhobilly style has resulted in dozens of retailers emerging that specialize in the clothing. Some places offer a wide range of alternative clothing, from goth corsets to pin up dresses, encompassing punk, goth, emo, and other anti-fashion styles, while some stores specialize only in the psychobilly clothing genre. Most psychobilly retailers offer both men's and women's clothing, with a select number even offering psychobilly children's t shirts. The same tongue-in-cheek elements that exist in the music appear in many items of clothing, particularly in tee shirt prints.You can find psychobilly clothing for women at the following retailers:

  • Infectious Threads: Most clothing is on the punk/goth side, including lots of slit shirts, corset tops, corset and halter tops, mini dresses, and much more.​
  • Grease Gas and Glory: Purchase Lucky 13, Dirty Devil, and Felon Clothing labels - great skirts, tops, and accessories.

Pulling Off the Look

Wearing ladies psychobilly clothing is more than just donning a garment. This unique, anti-establishment apparel is about an attitude. Women who wear psychobilly clothes prove that you don't have to adhere to mainstream fashion dos and don'ts to be sexy and stylish. While a wardrobe full of blood red and black clothing might not be right for every woman, showing off these strong styles is possible for many. What's more - the figure hugging styles of many psychobilly clothes for ladies revel in the natural curvaceousness of a woman's body, and many items are available in plus sizes as well. So finish your ensemble with a pair of platform pumps, a skull cameo, a black floral hair accessory - and your own attitude - to pull it all off.


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