Plunging Neckline Dress

Plunging neckline dress

Every woman should own at least one plunging neckline dress. It can be black and slinky, it can be bright, or it can be patterned. This type of dress is a perfect selection for spring, summer, or fall events that call for a sexy, stylish dress.

Choose the Neckline for You

Not all dresses with low necklines are made the same. Choose one that flatters you, and you'll be even happier with your choice.

  • Heavy or low breasts: Choose a dress with a bustier-style boning inside to protect your shape from looking saggy. It can have a built-in strapless bra as well, which will eliminate your need to layer.
  • Bony chest: Choose a low-cut dress with a thin layer of chiffon, mesh, or lace over the chest area, which will soften the effect of having a bony chest. Try wearing a statement necklace if you can't find a dress like this.
  • Small breasts: Wear a super-plunging halter-neck dress if you have small breasts, making sure that you use a little adhesive along the bustline.
  • Broad shoulders: Choose a dress with a plunging v-neck that has wide shoulder straps or small sleeves. Select a dress with a poofier skirt to even out your body shape.

Undergarments for Your Dress

Dresses with plunging necklines can be tricky. If you need help choosing the right bra, these tips will help you find the perfect piece for your particular dress.

  • Stick-on bras: Get adhesive bra cups that will support your breasts without leaving you to fuss with straps. These bras can be found in nude, white, and black, and you might be able to find one with see-through cups if you are lucky.
  • Convertible bras: A convertible bra is the perfect buy if you like halter-neck dresses with low necklines. You can wear your convertible dress with a see-through strap that goes around the neck if you want to keep the look extremely clean.
  • Nip covers: Try sheer pasties to cover your nipples when you want to go braless. You won't need to worry about embarrassing slips or temperature changes, but you will look very chic without bra lines to bother you.
  • Strapless bras: Wear a strapless bra with a specially-planned dipped front. There have been many bra developments in the past decades, and some use silicone strips to stick against the skin and stay up. You should keep shopping until you find the perfect one.

Buy a Plunging Neckline Dress

Your plunging neckline piece can be dressed up with any element you'd like, from trim around the bust to a fun Hawaiian print. When you are shopping, try to select multiple styles that you'd like to wear, and then find the one with the best price.

  • Shop for high-profile label dresses at Net-a-Porter, but make sure that your credit card is warmed up. It's not unusual to find dresses that are priced between $1,000 and $2,000.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue has a wonderful number of party-perfect dresses with low necklines. If you want something young and fun, you can wear a dress with a ribbon sash and a high empire waist. Saks has dresses in satin, silk, lace, and more, and they have excellent end-of-season sales.
  • Get designer-brand dresses from Bluefly for less. You are far more likely to find a designer dress with a fresh look offered for a serious discount on this site.
  • Shop with a limited budget at Topshop, where they have high-fashion pieces for well under $100. You will find items with accents like exposed zippers and tassels.

Now that you have plans for a new plunging neckline dress, you can style yourself beautifully. Strappy shoes, clutch purses, flirty manicures: they all match perfectly with a dress with a daring neckline. The only thing left to decide is where you'd like to go when wearing that fancy new dress of yours.

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Plunging Neckline Dress