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You might think of the 90s movie Clueless when picturing a plaid skirt, but plaid skirts are making a comeback. These plaid fashion skirts have recently been seen on celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and countless others. Plaid is one of those prints that is both classy and funky, so no matter your personal style, you can incorporate a skirt in this style into your wardrobe!

Plaid Mini

It doesn't matter what season, time of day, or event, a plaid skirt is definitely a stand out piece that can be worn in many instances, and plaid mini skirts are one of the most versatile options when it comes to this style.

Date Night Look

Kimberley Garner, wearing her Burberry skirt proudly, shows off how to correctly wear a plaid mini. Definitely wear your plaid mini skirt with a solid black sweater like Kim, and add black booties for an ultra-modern look.

Because of Burberry's long history of plaid skirts, you are likely to find a gently used one at your local consignment shop or the many online luxury resellers such as Poshmark, Tradesy, and TheRealReal. Plaid minis are the perfect date skirt, wherever your date may take you.

Girls' Night Out

If you're in the mood for color, you could go with a bright plaid skirt like this burnt orange one from Rag and Bone. This is a great skirt to wear when out on the town with your friends. Pair with either flat booties or high heels for a rebel chic look. This orange stunner is available for about $400 and is available in sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12.

Edgy Style

Want to convey a more edgy look? Take a mental note from Ali Larter's style, and pair your plaid skirt with a bright colored top and layer on a leather jacket for the ultimate 'cool girl' vibe. You can find a similar black and white skirt at Neiman Marcus for just under $200 in sizes 0 to 12.

Craving an edgy look with a little color? You can also get this type of look with the Persun A-line Mini for under $20. It's done in a cotton blend that will help resist fading and has a slight A-line design. It also has a high waisted flattering fit and comes in sizes 4 through 10.

Persun Women's Red Contrast Check Print A-line Mini Skirt
Persun Women's A-line Mini Skirt

Plaid Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are another trendy option for sporting plaid, leaving you comfortable as well as looking stylish.

Coordinated Look

Alice + Olivia is often known to incorporate plaid into her designs, and here she created the super chic, super long, plaid double slit maxi skirt and matching corset top is available to purchase separately. This coordinating look is very on trend right now, so wear a plaid skirt that has a matching top for a completely chic and stylish look.

This skirt is available in sizes 0-12 and retails for about $395. Besides the designer's website you can also purchase her designs at retailer like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Flowy and Effortless

While you might not think of long, flowy skirts when thinking of plaid, think again. Emmy Rossum shows us how it's done and pairs hers with strappy heels and a simple tank for an effortless look.

You can find a similar style available with the Max Studio London Patchwork Plaid Skirt at Macy's for just over $135 in sizes XS through XL.

Plaid Pencil Skirt for the Office

If you want to incorporate this trend into your work attire, it can easily be done.

  • This plaid pencil skirt from Chadwick's is perfect for the office. It's a sophisticated look with its a-line silhouette, and pairing this skirt with a crisp white button-down shirt and heels is the ultimate office look. This skirt is a steal for about $25, comes in variety of colors and comes in sizes for misses, tall, petite and plus.
  • The Ruffle Front Plaid Skirt from Lord & Taylor is done in a sleek pencil skirt style with the addition of a trendy ruffle on the front. Because of its length and black and white pattern, it can easily work for the office and adds a little extra personality with the ruffle. It comes in sizes 0 to 16 for about $95 and is a lined polyester/spandex blend that's machine washable. Pair it with a crisp white top and black pumps for a go-to work outfit.
Lord & Taylor Ruffle Front Plaid Pencil Skirt
Lord & Taylor Ruffle Front Plaid Pencil Skirt

Plaid Summer Skirt

Plaid skirts don't only look good in darker colors. Lighter, subtle plaid, is great for summer.

  • This tan linen pencil skirt is a perfect example. This skirt is sold for about $160 and comes in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14. This could be worn with a light colored shell (and a paired with a matching light cardigan when in chilly air conditioning) for a great look.
  • Another option is this Frilled Plaid Skirt by Max Stuido for about $90. The light fabric and frilly ruffles emote the perfect outfit for summer. It is available in sizes 0 to 12

Below-the-Knee Skirt

Below-the-knee flowy plaid styles are cute and flirty. This one from Amazon comes in many different colors. Pair this skirt with a coordinating turtleneck like on the model, and you are ready for any holiday party. This skirt comes in sizes X-Small through XX-Large and can be purchased for about $10-$24 depending on size.

Tanming Women's High Waisted Wool Check Print Plaid Aline Skirt
Tanming Women's High Waisted Wool Check Print Plaid Aline Skirt

Grunge Girl Style

For the grunge-girl look:

  • Get this uniquely tailored skirt from Barney's, available in an XS and S, for around $295. Pair it with a pair of low heeled booties and a loose tee, and you're ready to go in relaxed grunge style.
  • Another choice is the Asymmetrical Tie Grid Skirt shown below. The relaxed loose tie style and comfy length make it perfect for a laid back look. It's available in a one-size-fits-most design with an elastic waist and done in cotton for under $20.
Tie Waist Grid Asymmetrical Skirt
Tie Waist Grid Asymmetrical Skirt

Styling Tips

Along with the shopping suggestions for the specific styles above, you can also find plaid style skirts at Macy's, Amazon, Barneys, Brooks Brothers, Rag & Bone, among many others. Due to the variety of plaid skirts available and multiple styling options, it's okay to have a closet full of plaid. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when wearing them:

Keep It Balanced

  • Plaid makes a loud enough statement on its own, so pairing your skirts with a top is actually quite easy. A casual solid color sweater always looks great with a plaid skirt, tights, and heels.
  • You can also pair a bright or crazy colored plaid skirt with a simple white button down top (tucked in), for an edgy but sophisticated look.

Vary Your Tops

Plaid is a universal print and there are no rules when styling this type of skirt. Most of the time a more fitted top, whether it be a sweater, tank, or an oxford, looks the best with a plaid skirt; however, a chunky sweater, long coat, or a boxy tee also look great.

No Heels Required

Heels are not required for this type of skirt. Plaid looks great with funky sneakers, classic flats, platforms, booties, boots, and of course the classic pump.

Get the Right Fit

As long as your plaid skirt fits you extremely well, you are going to look super chic in it. Fit is very important, and an ill fitting skirt never looks good. If you find a skirt but it is slightly off in fit, bring it to a tailor and they should be able to fit it exactly to your body.

Reinventing Your Look

The phrase 'what's old is new again' can be applied to many things in life, and plaid skirts are definitely one of those things!

Plaid skirts and the outfits you make with them can be reinvented and re-imagined into whole new looks time and time again. Switch up your outfit each time by adding these different items to your look:

  • A cardigan layered over a top
  • A structured blazer
  • Knee high or over-the-knee boots
  • Tightly woven fishnet hosiery

Pretty Chic

With celebrities and fashionistas spotted in plaid skirts, now is the perfect time to catch up with the trend. Whether you are wearing a long, flowy plaid skirt, a crazy cool mini, or a polished office plaid, you will definitely be on trend. Keep your shoes modern and the rest of your plaid look will fall into place. Wear your skirt in confidence and get ready for compliments!

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