PVC One Size Fits All Hoodie

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For simple protection from rainy weather, a PVC one size fits all hoodie makes it easy to stay dry when showers hit.

Rain hits everywhere at one time or another, with some areas getting more than their fair share of nature's showers. Staying dry is important for your health, comfort, and keeping your great style intact. Drenched clothing and soggy hair won't make any woman feel good starting her day.

About PVC

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is one of the world's most widely used plastics. It is used in a wide variety of plastic items, and is commonly used in a more flexible form in things like upholstery, tubing and hoses, inflatable structures, and even clothing. Its leather-like surface is water-resistant and lightweight, making it a popular source for rain clothing and other fashions, such as leggings, jackets, and other items.


The plasticizing agents added to PVC to make it suitable for more flexible applications also unfortunately have been found to leach out of the products. There has been controversy over PVC products, and some of the agents (called phthalates) used to make PVC more flexible have been banned. Manufacturers are testing new plasticizers that they believe to be safer. Although there is a push by some to go PVS-free, proponents of the material feel that this affordable and durable material should still be used.

About the PVC One-Size-Fits-All Hoodie

There are many different types of outerwear and other garments to protect from rain, including lightweight rain coats and jackets, rain pants, hats, and boots. One of the simplest forms of wet-weather protection is a PVC one-size-fits-all hoodie. This lightweight garment has a number of advantages that have made it a popular rain-gear solution. It is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Lighweight
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Easily stored in a car, desk drawer, purse, or briefcase
  • Able customized with company and other logos
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

Sizing and Wear

A one-size-fits hoodie or poncho takes the guesswork out of sizing. The large, unstructured covering will fit most people, slipping easily on over the head and keeping the wearer completely dry. Since the hoodie is simply thrown on over an outfit, there is no worry in trying to coordinate this particular type of raingear with your clothing.With many types of one-size fits all clothing, such as shirts, there is more of a concern that the garment will actually fit than with a poncho. While any universal size should really be treated as one-size-fits-most, rather than all, there is a good chance the hoodie will fit unless the wearer is extremely small or extremely large. The sizing may also come in one size for adults, and another size in a youth or child's size.

These ponchos are also widely used for outdoor and sporting events, and come in clear as well as in colored versions.

Where to Find

The universal size and functional nature of this garment make it a staple in many department stores, discount stores, and even gas stations and convenience stores, especially during spring or when rain is most likely to hit an area. A single-size PVC or vinyl hoodie is also an item often used for token giveaways or promotions by businesses or as a small prize or incorporated into a prize basket.

You can purchase a one-size-fits-all vinyl hoodie at online department stores, sporting goods stores, hunting or camping stores, and at bulk promotional store suppliers (available in large lots, typically they are less expensive the more you purchase).

PVC Alternatives

For consumers concerned about wearing PVC ponchos, there are alternatives. You can also find hooded water-resistant ponchos or pullovers in:

  • Ripstop nylon
  • Rubber
  • Polyester

Whether you choose to go with PVC or an alternate fabric, staying dry and warm in inclement weather is a must.

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