One Size Fits All Ladies Tops

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One-size-fits-all ladies' tops come in a variety of styles and can have advantages in several circumstances.

Benefits of One Size Fits All Ladies' Tops

If you've considered a clothing purchase for a woman, you know there is often a dilemma when it comes to sizing. You may not know the woman's exact size, which can make it difficult to purchase the correct size. In this circumstance, a one-size-fits-all blouse can make a great option. Tops are versatile clothing choices, and typically you'll have fewer problems with fit in a blouse than slacks or skirts. Since the sizing will be a mid-size that fits most women, you can be relatively sure that the top will fit.

In addition to gift-giving, other circumstances where it can be advantageous to purchase a universal size include:

  • When making online purchase from a company whose sizing you are unfamiliar with
  • When ordering from catalogs
  • When you are looking for a casual top that the sizing need not be exact
  • When buying tops made of materials with a bit of give or stretch
  • When you don't want to worry about the hassle of returning a top for incorrect sizing

Will the Top Really Fit Any Woman?

Most tops or blouses with one-size-fits-all sizing would be more accurately termed one-size-fits-most. While it may vary from company to company, this type of garment will fit women falling in average women's sizes of small, medium, and large, or sizes 4/6 through 10/12. Women who are very petite and usually need to wear extra small or petite sizing may swim in this size of blouse; women with fuller figures may find that the sizing is too snug for their comfort. Additionally, if a woman has any particular features that require specially-fitting blouses (such as very small shoulders or a very large bust), the top may not fit as desired.

Consumers should also consider that even if the top does fit most women, it will fit differently depending on the size the woman normally wears. A woman who normally wears a smaller size may find the top fits a bit more loosely, while a woman who normally wears a medium or large finds the top a bit more fitted.

Styles of Women's One-Size-Fits-Most Tops

Although the selection is not as large as individually-sized blouses, women's universally-sized tops do come in a range of styles, colors, and materials. Types of tops include:

  • Tee shirts: Crew-neck, v-neck, and other tee shirt styles may come in one-size-fits-all versions. These jersey or knit tops may be long or short sleeved and are most often casual in nature.
  • Tanks and camisoles: Stretchy spaghetti strap tanks, thin strap tanks, or camisoles may come in universal sizes
  • Racerback tanks and exercise tops: Typically made to be snug fitting and with a high Lycra or spandex content, some exercise tops come in single sizing.
  • Halter tops: With adjustable neck ties or loop necks, halter tops may come in one size to fit most women.
  • Tube tops: These simple summer tops often come in one size.
  • Baby doll tops and tunics: Baby doll, empire waist, and tunic tops sometimes come in one-size-fits all sizing; their loose, flowy styles easily lend them to universal sizing.
  • Poet and peasant style tops: Like tunics, these loosely-fitted styles are flowy and easy to wear and can work well for most women in a universal size.


Common materials for single-sized tops often include soft, stretchable fabrics rather than crisp, tailored materials.

  • Rib knits
  • Slinky knits
  • Sheer or crepe fabrics
  • Nylon/spandex blends
  • Cotton or cotton blends
  • Polyester blends
  • Rayon blends

Where to Buy

You can purchase one-size-fits-all ladies' tops at many department stores and women's clothing stores. The stores listed below offer these types of tops:

Although purchasing a women's top in a size designed to fir most women can seem like a safe bet, it's always best to check the return policy for the store where the top is purchased. The blouse may not fit as desired, or the universally sizing may run small or large (although most commonly they run small). Depending on the style of the blouse, such as with a loose-fitting tunic top or a casual tee shirt, a perfect fit isn't always necessary, so a women's one-size-fits-most top can be a great gift option and a welcome addition to a woman's wardrobe.

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