Jersey Summer Dresses

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Jersey summer dresses are a perfect choice for the warmer season. Jersey is a soft fabric that drapes well. It is used in a variety of different silhouettes, from a wider, more a-line shape that stands out from the body (perfect for figure camouflage) to something clingy and figure-conscious. If you're looking for a lightweight dress and considering it in jersey, you probably won't be disappointed.

Benefits of Jersey

Jersey fabric has plenty of pluses, but what stands out the most is its great versatility. While the fabric itself is used in casual wear, the right designer can and will work wonders using draping, darting, top stitching, and shaping. Don't feel like all jersey dresses are only available in shirt dress styles, because you can even find evening wear in a soft jersey if you look in the right places.

Types of Jersey Summer Dresses

Look for your dress in a variety of silhouettes.


A maxi dress is a long, ankle-grazing dress that often, but not always, has a cami or strappy bodice with a full skirt. Since jersey has a unique look and feel, maxi dresses from this fabric are relatively easy to find.

A jersey maxi dress is best suited for pear shapes, athletic figures, and slim frames.


A-line dresses will come away from the body in a line, ending in a wider hemline and generally hitting around the mid-thigh to knee area. An a-line dress works for apple, athletic, busty, and pear shapes.

Woman wearing a black jersey dress


Show off those gams in a great mini dress!

Any figure with a great set of stems can pull this off.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses can button up the front like a work shirt or look like a t-shirt (without embellishment). With a hemline usually somewhere above the knees, you'll find that this is one works well for casual parties and informal work environments. A shirt dress works for all body types, depending on which style has been selected.


Jersey is a great going-out fabric, and you can find it in plenty of permutations for nights on the town. A body-hugging dress works for anyone who's comfortable showing her curves, from a traditional hourglass shape to an athletic body type.

Styling Tips

Check out some of the best ways to style up your newest dress-there are plenty of easy ways to make it suit nearly any occasion perfectly.

  • No matter what types of jersey summer dresses suit you, the proper undergarment is essential. Jersey fabric tends to be unforgiving, and microfiber panties in thong or tanga styles will keep things looking smooth. If you want to look slimmer and feel secure, you can also try boy shorts from a shapewear brand such as Connie Elder's Miracle Shapewear.
  • Use an anti-static spray during winter to keep your dress from riding up, sticking to your tights, or falling too closely to your frame.
  • Combine textures like silk or wool in a trim cami to add interest, or consider a patterned coat to jazz up the rest of your outfit.
  • Choose whatever shoes make you most comfortable, and that match with the style of the summer jersey dresses you have selected. For example, a pair of flats might go best with a mini, while a pair of heels might look better with a knee-length, a-line dress.
  • Jersey shirt dresses can also be worn as tunics over trousers and tights.
  • Look for a color that you're likely to wear often, because you'll quickly get hooked on the feel of the fabric. Consider navy, black, grey, or plum for your first piece, which can also cross seasons easily.
  • Embrace accessories like statement pins and necklaces when you purchase a plain-colored piece.

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