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Island-style women's shirts are a fun addition to a summer wardrobe. The cool fabrics and fun prints will make you feel as if you're at that island destination you've been dreaming about, even if you're in your own backyard.

About Island-Style Clothing

On tropical islands, women wear lightweight and loose clothing to stay cool in the hot weather. Options include long, loose-fitting sundresses, casual shorts and comfortable shirts. In places like Cuba and Puerto Rico, guayaberas are a favorite of both men and women. This style shirt is a cool button down made of either linen or cotton. Hawaiian shirts are another type of island-inspired shirt. These colorful shirts usually have bold tropical or floral prints.

Authentic Island-Style Women's Shirts

  • Guayaberas: A guayabera is a traditional Spanish shirt with a linen weave. This lightweight classic is similar to a camp shirt as it buttons down and fits loosely. Traditionally, this style island shirt was worn by men. Today, women wear feminine versions of the guayabera. The shirts for women are available with halter collars, off-the-shoulder collars and there is even a strapless version of the guayabera.
  • Hawaiian shirts: Also called Aloha shirts, these tops feature bold floral patterns in bright colors. These shirts are lightweight, button down and usually have a wide lapel collar. Women's Hawaiian shirts are usually made from cotton, rayon or silk. Popular patterns include hibiscus, palm trees and plumeria.

Modern Looks

If you're looking to pull together an island-inspired outfit, consider the following style tops to complete your look:

  • Similar to the traditional Hawaiian collared and short-sleeve shirt, the sleeveless version offers a modern alternative. These sleeveless tops are available in a multitude of colors and tropical patterns. Pair this with a pair of khaki bermuda shorts for a casual look.
  • Spaghetti strap Hawaiian print tops are another option for a hot summer day. These shirts are cut like a camisole or tank top with very thin straps.
  • Short sleeved tunic tops with tropical floral prints are another type of island inspired summer top. This kind of top looks great with leggings or skinny jeans.
  • Tropical bikini tops are usually sold with a matching bikini bottom. Make a fashion statement on the beach (or at the pool) by pairing the top with a matching sarong.

How to Wear an Island-Style Top

Because many tropical blouses have bold prints and patterns, you'll need to balance your look with the right bottoms and accessories.

  • Leave a button down top unbuttoned and pair it with a tank top or camisole. The layer worn below should be in a coordinating, solid color.
  • For an extra touch of femininity, choose a layering tank or camisole with lace trim.
  • Wear capris, pants, shorts, or a sarong in a solid color or a matching pattern.
  • When wearing a blouse with a bold tropical print, opt for casual and simple jewelry. Wear a beaded necklace, pearls, puka shell jewelry or bangle bracelets.
  • Remember less is more; wear just one pattern at a time.

Where to Buy Women's Tropical Shirts

While you might be able to find some of these shirts in major retail stores, online stores that specialize in tropical clothes may have more of a selection. Here are a few places that feature authentic island-style women's shirts in beautiful fabrics and prints:

  • Huge selection of Hawaiian women's shirts, summer dresses, sarongs and other summer clothes and accessories.
  • Offers Hawaiian shirts for men, women and children. This site makes it easy to find matching family outfits too.
  • Aloha Shirt Shop: This online store offers several brands of designer Hawaiian Aloha shirts for women. Though the shirts and blouses on this website may cost a bit more here, they do offer some really unique prints that can't be found elsewhere.

Tropical-inspired shirts for women can be breezy, summery, and fun. Whether for a summer vacation activity, picnic, or just lounging around the backyard, these lightweight tops are chic and functional additions to your summer wardrobe.

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