How Long Is a Tea Length Dress?

Crystal Schwanke
Tea length dress

The term "tea length dress" doesn't suggest a specific length, but this style of dress has a very distinctive look. Learn how to spot one without needing your tape measure.

Tea Length at a Glance

The bottom hem of a tea length dress hangs just about at mid-calf and sometimes slightly lower. When you try one on and look in the mirror, the hem should basically hang about halfway between your knees and your ankles.

Tea length dresses are definitely longer than street length dresses, but not as short as dresses with hems that touch just above the knees. They are often A-line in style, but you can find fitted tea length skirts too.

Beyond the general mid-calf length, there aren't too many other "rules" that apply for this length and style. Necklines vary greatly, and there are scoop-necks, V-necks, and more. Sleeve lengths also vary from no sleeves to short sleeves to three-quarter sleeves.

Retro Glamor

Tea length dresses were a favorite during the golden age of Hollywood, so try one on if you want to feel like a retro starlet. Just keep in mind that this isn't the most flattering length on its own since it tends to give the illusion that the person wearing the dress is shorter than she really is. Experimenting with different heel heights and wearing an updo hairstyle can offset that effect and help you find a style in this length that works for your body type.

How Long Is a Tea Length Dress?