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hooded scarf

Hooded scarves offer a modern approach to staying warm in frigid temperatures. These fresh accessories are also quite fashionable, making them a great option for today's style-conscious woman.

About Hooded Scarves

A hooded scarf may well be considered one of the smartest inventions in fashion history. Considering the ever-growing need for everything in life to be as quick and simple as possible, it somehow makes sense that even fashion is cutting corners where it can. Of course, cutting corners doesn't mean sacrificing style, as the hooded scarf proves quite well.

Not only is this neck-warmer-meets-hat easy to put on and go before stepping out the door, it's also available in numerous styles. From simple solids to faux furs, there is something for everyone, no matter what her taste might be.

Styling Possibilities

Believe it or not, there are plenty of styling possibilities for hooded scarves. This is thanks in great part to the scarf portion of the piece, which can be adjusted in many ways, worn inside or outside and layered for fresh, intriguing looks. Consider one of these styles the next time you slip your hooded scarf over your head:

  • Go for bold! During wintertime, treat your hooded scarf as the multipurpose accessory it was meant to be. Not only will it keep your head and neck warm, it will also add a much-needed dose of color to the season's mostly sedate palettes. If you tend to sport neutral wool coats throughout winter, try a vibrant teal, brilliant red or rich eggplant hooded scarf to brighten things up nicely.
  • Try a circle scarf, also known as an infinity scarf, in lieu of a traditional hooded scarf. Infinity scarves are essentially large, soft circles of fabric that can be worn in plenty of ways. Commonly, they circle the neck once or twice, but most are large enough to fit comfortably over the head. Consider it a loose "head shawl" of sorts, with the added benefit of covering the neck, too.
  • Add a touch of faux fur to your wardrobe. Not only do these keep you extra warm thanks to their fuzzy exteriors and cozy linings, they also look super chic and instantly render your cold weather wardrobes just a bit more classy.
  • Instead of tucking the scarf inside your coat, wind it once around your neck and leave one flap hanging down the front of your coat. This is ideal for individuals who tend to warm up quickly when they're all bundled up.
  • Of course, you don't have to cover up your head if the weather doesn't call for it! The beauty of the hooded scarf is that it can be worn in many, many ways. Another option is to leave the hooded section loose and knot the scarf at your neck as you would any other type of scarf. The hood will then hang in the back, much the way a jacket or coat hood would.
  • Some hooded scarves also include pockets on the scarf ends and even drawstrings at the hood to make the whole package even more hard working. Though not necessarily practical for storing anything more than a couple of coins, the pockets are fun details that change up the entire look of the scarf. The drawstring, too, will ensure that the hood stays put all day long, even in the windiest conditions.

Where to Purchase

Hooded scarves are widely available during fall and winter, but, as expected, the selection tends to wane during the warmest months of the year. Shop these retailers for decent selections, and check back towards the end of the year for a more extensive collection:

  • American Apparel: The company's Unisex Hooded Scarf is available in a whopping 17 colors, ranging from practical blacks and browns to more adventurous fuchsias and limes. The lighter colors in particular are fun choices if you want to sport the scarves during springtime.
  • Orvis: At Orvis, you'll find a sophisticated selection of hooded scarves that boast a classic sensibility. The Mock Fur-Trimmed Fleece Hood is available in beige, black and red, and features soft, faux fur trim along the hat and a cozy scarf. For a truly warm option, try the company's SmartWool hooded scarf - it's ideal for blustery winter days and is available in two colors.
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