Guide to Wearing a Low Cut Blouse

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If you need a guide to wearing a low cut blouse so that your outfits always stay appropriate, then follow some basic tips that will have you looking stylish, even in a top with a plunging neckline.

How Low Is Too Low?

There is a time and a place for a low cut blouse. As long as you know the right time and place, you can wear these daring shirts without worry. If looking sophisticated in a low cut top is important to you, there is a point where low becomes too low. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of cleavage, but too much cleavage can send the wrong message, look tacky, and even make a woman look like she's trying way too hard to get some attention.

A low cut blouse that displays a peek of cleavage still leaves a lot to the imagination, but a shirt that bares more than that is revealing too much. Onlookers might be able to see the top of your cleavage, but should not be able to see most of your bust or any part of your bra, especially if you're wearing a push-up bra designed to enhance your chest.

Tell yourself this: if anyone mistakes your top for Jennifer Lopez's attention-grabbing Grammy outfit from 2000, then it's cut too low.

Appropriate vs. Inappropriate

So when can you wear a low cut blouse and not run the risk of sending the wrong message?

  • If you're going out on a nighttime date, a low cut blouse is usually fine.
  • If you're with a significant other, then a top with a plunging neckline can add some real sex appeal to your outfit. If you're already paired up, you probably won't have to worry about sending mixed signals to guys you're not interested in.
  • If it's a first date, a little modesty doesn't hurt.

Where a low cut blouse is usually never appropriate is at work, especially if your job is in a conservative field. However, there are ways to indulge in wearing a plunging neckline and still look like the professional you are, so read on to find out how.

For the Office

Whether working in a corporate or casual office setting, getting down to business always requires professional clothing. Pulling together a look that is work appropriate with sex appeal can be worn in a savvy and stylish way that will not make you appear to racy. Overall, when going for a top that is low cut for the office, steer clear of tops that are made of spandex and cotton that tend to closely fit your shape.

  • To wear a low cut top that is still work appropriate, consider a wrap style. This wrap front peplum top from Eloquii, for instance, is made of linen and cotton blend can be worn with a camisole underneath for coverage that will create an overall polished appearance.
  • Another option that is work appropriate is v-neck shell, such as this one from Ann Taylor, done in an easy-care poyester blend. A v-neck shell or sleeveless top can be worn alone if your work environment is less formal, or worn with a blazer or jacker to b perfectly at home for the office.
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For a Night Out

Wearing a low cut shirt for a night out doesn't require the coverage used during the day at the office. While off the clock, low cut tops of any fabric and fit are fine to wear, and if you aren't busty, and feel confident enough to skip the camisole coverage, then, by all means, embrace the look.

  • When it comes to a night out, your low cut shirt of choice can be as daring as you prefer. A deep v-neck top such as this one from Express works well with a pencil skirt or pants.
  • Low cut scoop neck tank tops are a cute date-night appropriate option that is perfect for casual outings. A top like this Supima cotton stretch-to-fit ribbed tank, available at Banana Republic, is a good choice for casual evenings that pairs well with denim.
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Ideal Intimates for Low Cut Blouses

One common challenge women face when wearing a low cut shirt is having their bra stick out. If you've been trying to figure out the best bra to wear with your low cut bra for coverage and support, the list below will help to identify the right bra.

Petals and Tape

Petals can provide coverage when wearing a low cut blouse. If you are worried about the material of your shirt moving around and nervous that going braless with petals will be revealed, try holding your shirt in place with fashion tape.

  • One company that makes petals made of silicone or gel is Fashion Forms. Whether you simply want coverage or want a bit of a lift, petals cost anywhere between around $6-$25.
  • To prevent your shirt from sliding around, also sells Fashion Tape for around $10 for a secure finish when dressing in your low cut top.

Bras for Low Cut Tops

Although there are women who don't mind going braless, many women prefer to wear one. Those who do will find the plunge bra designs that are made to complement such tops to put them at ease.

  • Curvaceous women who wear plunge tops can find the right bra providing support from the Cacique collection at Lane Bryant in cup sizes C-H and bands 36-50, on sale from around $14 up to about $99.
  • Many plunge tops are created with various necklines and other intricate design details which may include revealing the shoulders or a woman's bare back. Such styles call for a bra with convertible straps that can be worn for a seamless look. The Convertible Plunge Bra from Nordstrom comes in black and nude in cups B-D and band sizes 34-36 and costs about $28.

Simple Guide to Wearing a Low Cut Blouse

If low cut tops are your favorite, then follow these simple tips to make sure you always look right, wherever you are:

  • Wear camisoles underneath: This is one way you can wear a low neckline at work and get away with it. Camisoles come in plain and embellished varieties, usually with some lacework around the top. Slip into a camisole before you put on your low cut blouse and your layered look is much more demure.
  • Cover up: A lightweight cardigan or cute jacket can be a fashionable addition to your outfit. Just make sure it's not too tight if you choose to button it up. You can also look into some summer scarf fashion ideas if a low cut top is your favorite warm weather blouse. An artfully draped silk or other light scarf is an easy way to accessorize and add some coverage at the same time.
    Cover up
  • Pair with the right bottoms: If your blouse is low cut, then that's the attention-getter of your outfit. When you choose to wear one sexy piece, the rest of your outfit should be more subdued. Your pants or skirt shouldn't be tight, or cut too high or too low. In other words, micro mini skirts are out when wearing such a revealing shirt.
    Right bottom
  • Make sure it's the right material: For your look to remain classy, your low cut top should not also be a sheer blouse. One sexy aspect at a time is enough. Thicker materials can give the illusion of more coverage, which is what you want when your cleavage is already on display.
    Right material

Wear It the Right Way

You can definitely indulge in a dramatic neckline if you follow this simple guide to wearing a low cut blouse. Many women love to feel beautiful and sexy and if you love your bust, you might like showing off your best assets. Just make sure you do it the right way and you won't come off looking like you left your sophistication at home, along with the rest of your outfit!

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Guide to Wearing a Low Cut Blouse