Guide to Wearing Revealing Clothes

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If you've ever been tempted by that sheer top or slightly risqué dress, you might find some help in a guide to wearing revealing clothes. Revealing clothes can certainly be worn at the right time and place, but it takes a certain something to pull them off appropriately. Read on for some helpful hints to make the most of your wardrobe.

How to Wear Revealing Clothes

You never thought you'd pull it off, but it turns out that it might be possible after all. Maybe you can show off your cleavage in a classy way. Maybe you can show a bit of leg without starting a controversy. You can do all of this in an elegant, confident manner that exudes style.

Revealing Cleavage

A little cleavage goes a long way. The key word here is little. You don't want to turn heads for the wrong reasons. Some cleavage looks sensual and feminine; too much with too little support looks improper. To show off your cleavage modestly, try:

  • A slip dress that just grazes the bust or falls into a low "V" shape at the center of the bust. The dress should ideally be on the long side - think at least knee-length or just slightly below - to maintain a sense of modesty below. The combination of elegant material and flattering cut put the focus on your overall look - not just on your cleavage.
    Woman wearing slip dress
  • A light (not substantial) chain necklace that will finish a cleavage-flaunting look to perfection. You could add a choker to the mix, but a choker worn on its own may emphasize the distance between the bottom of the neckline and the neck and highlight the amount of cleavage shown in a less elegant way.
  • Pants (not skin-tight) or a long skirt.

Revealing Midriff

Crops are back again, but they're not worn the same way they were in earlier decades. Try:

  • Pairing a high-rise pair of pants or skirt with one so that just a sliver of skin is showing.
    Revealing Midriff
  • Tossing a casual jacket on top if you want a little more modesty but can't resist showing a little skin.
  • Keeping the neckline modest.
  • Adding a statement necklace to balance the top of the shirt with the surprise flash of skin at the bottom.
  • Choosing a top that's not skin-tight, again for balance.

Revealing Legs

If you have great gams, don't hesitate to show them off! Just keep a few things in mind:

  • An extremely short skirt is usually not appropriate in most situations, but they can certainly be worn during the summer in casual environments when temperatures are unbearable.
  • If you're going the super-short route, try a denim mini instead of Lycra, which can hug the hips and highlight any flaws. Denim, on the other hand, is a bit more forgiving and casual.
    Revealing Legs
  • Throw on a fun top - a lightweight tank (not too low-cut) is a great choice if you want to stay cool from top to bottom. A fitted tee or even a casual button-up shirt can be fun to pair with a short skirt.
  • Another option for revealing those legs is a pair of short shorts. When you envision them, chances are you're thinking of Daisy Dukes or something similar. Those look ideal with something more substantial on top, like a long sleeve top, worn unbuttoned over a neutral tank top. A loose, flowing top could also work. Just be sure it's still short enough to reveal the bottom of your shorts so you don't look like you forgot your pants.
  • Keep necklines modest.
  • Wear flats or heels that don't exceed two to three inches in height. The extra height could give the illusion of more skin on display for some ladies.
  • A high-rise style gives the illusion of a longer skirt even when you're showing off your legs in a garment that ends well above the knees.
    Nice Legs

Sheer Tops and Dresses

The key to wearing any type of sheer garment is to layer it over a non-sheer item. Here are a few ways to rock the sheer materials:

  • A diaphanous slip dress looks adorable over a pair of leggings and a sleek top.
  • A sheer top is great for a night out clubbing, but wear it over a lightweight camisole to keep things proper (and attractive!).
  • Love lace tops? Layer one over a camisole in a contrasting color for fun or match your cami to your top.
    Sheer top

Body-Hugging Clothes

Some clothes are revealing without leaving as much skin on display as you might think. Bandage dresses, for example, show every curve by hugging exceptionally close to the body. There's no reason you shouldn't show your gorgeous shape, but keep a few things in mind if you wear something super-tight:

  • If you are wearing two pieces (as opposed to a dress), try to make sure one is loose and flowy for balance.
  • Keep your accessories simple, for the most part. A statement bracelet could be fine (depending on your style), but going over the top with large accessories won't give you the classiest look. A dainty necklace, small pair of earrings, and a ring are two are really the most you should need.
  • Try your dress on with any undergarments you plan to wear and then check it in different types of light to make sure you're not showing more than you intend to (lines where the undergarments end, more skin than you planned to show, or your belly button through the fabric, for example). In some cases, you may need to add a smoothing undergarment that covers your chest, midriff, and part of your thighs not because of imperfections, but simply to smooth out distracting lines from your bra and panties. In some dresses, you may be able to use a garment that just goes up to the bottom of your bra instead of one that has the bra built in.
  • Make sure the skirt hits at least mid-thigh. If you have to spend your night out tugging on the ends of your dress and worried about showing off what's underneath any time you sit down or shift your body weight in a chair, you won't look confident (which is the key to pulling off revealing clothing) and you definitely won't be comfortable.
    Body Hugging dress

If You've Got It, Flaunt It

This is a commonly used phrase when it comes to wearing skimpy clothes and showing a lot of skin. There's more to it, though.

  • Once you've decided exactly what it is that you've got and what you want to flaunt, you need the attitude to go with it. If you aren't comfortable in your clothes, it will show in the way you carry yourself and the expression on your face. In the end, if you just don't feel right in the revealing garment - no matter how you're wearing it - opt for something else, something you feel your best in.
  • Stay classy. Flaunting works best on a woman who believes in herself and loves her body enough to feel at ease in what she wears, and one who knows what to leave to the imagination.
  • Flaunt what you have and what you love about yourself. Don't take too much of your inspiration from celebrities. They dress for cameras and notoriety. Any press is good press to lots of those ladies and gentlemen, but that's not always true for the average woman. If you like a trend and feel you could rock it with pride, go for it, but don't just follow a trend because of what you see in the Hollywood social scene.

About Revealing Clothes

You hear about it all the time: a celebrity is the talk of the tabloids for wearing something overly revealing, for showing just a bit more than the general public needs to see or for making a bold clothing choice that has somehow inspired legions of tween and teenage fans.

Often, this is construed as a bad thing - and with good reason. Revealing clothes are not considered the epitome of class and elegance. On the contrary, there are certain negative connotations associated with revealing clothes. Some say that women who wear too-tight, cleavage-baring tops and thigh-baring skirts are tasteless; others say that women simply enjoy showing off their figures and follow the "if you've got it, flaunt it" mantra.

Certainly, there are two schools of thought involved in the revealing clothing discussion. For those who do like the look of certain revealing garments but aren't crazy about the idea of going all out in such a brazen manner, you're in luck: there are definitely ways of pulling off those clothes without causing a commotion by following the tips above.

Maintain Balance

If you forget all of the other guidelines about wearing revealing clothing, at least remember this one. It's the key to showing skin without becoming the talk of the town by the next day. Maintain some sense of balance. The concept is really quite simple: If your top is low cut, your bottoms should be modest - and vice versa. Often, the controversies that stem from women wearing revealing clothing can be attributed to the too much factor. Leaving a little bit to the imagination is one of the sexiest manners of dressing, and it can really up a woman's confidence and style, too.

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Guide to Wearing Revealing Clothes