Gowns Worn by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez shines on the red carpet.

She's graced the big screen, sung her heart out on stages across the world and had a profound impact on the entertainment industry, but in the fashion world it's the gowns worn by Jennifer Lopez that have made the strongest impression. The multifaceted star is known for her impeccable sense of style, both on and off the red carpet!

A Style Unlike Any Other

Jennifer Lopez is known for being something of a maverick in the entertainment industry. She's capitalized on music, film, dance and fashion, and it's no understatement that she's been successful in most of her endeavors. Of course, nothing captures the public's attention more than the manner in which celebrities present themselves. In Lopez's case, there are no worries: The woman transformed her Bronx-influenced street style into the consistently glamorous, polished and chic starlet we are all so familiar with today.

It goes without saying that her looks have been fodder for plenty of media attention. Some, of course, have been instant successes, while others were brow-raising enough to leave a lasting impression on the public. Regardless of how well received her ensembles may be at any given point, however, one thing is for sure: Jennifer Lopez has earned herself a permanent place in the annals of celebrity fashion history.

Gowns Worn By Jennifer Lopez Through the Years

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Never mind that she's borne two children, gone through several highly publicized (and undeniably stressful) breakups and been under the scrutiny of the media and general public for years. None of this has phased the outward beauty that Jennifer Lopez consistently exudes. It's not just her flawless hair and makeup that earn points for their perfection (and she can thank her arsenal of professionals for that!), it's also her wardrobe. Through the years, Lopez has worn some truly memorable evening gowns to awards ceremonies, movie premieres and for magazine photo shoots. There's some serious history, and like any woman, some of it is great and some of it is best left a distant memory. Let's take a peek at some of the gowns worn by Jennifer Lopez over the past decade and a half.

  • In 1994, Lopez's style still reflected a decidedly casual, street-smart spirit. Her premiere ensemble for the Hollywood opening of Mi Vida Loca, for example, was a loose, button down, sleeveless dress, black slip-on shoes and a baby backpack. Major changes were just around the corner!
  • In 1997, Lopez showed off a more feminine side at the Independent Spirit Awards. She slipped into a long white floral number, adorned with an infusion of metallic vines and blue-green plants. White T-strap heels and a sweet updo completed the look.
  • In 1998, Lopez adopted a much sexier look at the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards. Her sleek, long, sheer black gown was decorated with a smattering of crystals down its front. The look was dramatic and alluring - a bolder showing for Lopez.
  • In 2000, Lopez hit the fashion jackpot at the Grammy Awards. She arrived in a stunning $15,000 Versace gown emblazoned with a green and blue floral motif. Sheer from head to toe, the dress plunged below her navel and revealed plenty of cleavage, belly and midriff. The dress was affixed to her body with fashion tape and caused quite a scandal. It's safe to say the dress had a life of its own, and now enjoys pride of place in the Grammy Museum.
  • In 2002, Lopez struck a quieter note at the Academy Awards with a pale pink, strapless Versace gown. Relatively simple in comparison to some of her previous gowns, this figure-hugging number showed off her curves and tan skin.
  • In 2003, fans were treated to a completely new look from Lopez. She arrived at the Academy Awards in a vintage caftan designed by Valentino and inspired by a dress once worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1968! The gown's pale pistachio hue took a backseat to the sparkling floral trim that ran along the sides. The look was fresh, pristine and unexpected.
  • In 2006, it was another dignified take for Lopez, as she arrived at the Academy Awards in a vintage gown constructed with 50 yards of chiffon! The shirred skirt hugged her curves, while drapes along the side lent the dress an intriguing twist. The bright olive hue was slightly different from the usual red carpet fare.
  • In 2007, Lopez showed off her pregnant figure in a gorgeous, trendy dress courtesy of Versace. The one-shoulder style was simple in its white color, yet intriguing enough to turn heads with its short, softly sweeping train.
  • In 2008, Lopez showed off her newly svelte, post-baby figure. The one-shoulder Alberta Ferretti gown she wore to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala turned heads with its rich blue-gray hue and rhinestone-encrusted bust line.

The Future

It's safe to say that this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Jennifer Lopez's dynamic, oft-discussed style goes. With numerous activities on her ever-growing agenda, Lopez is guaranteed to show off even more enviable, glamorous and perhaps even controversial styles over the years.

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Gowns Worn by Jennifer Lopez