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Frock Couture Interview

Rhonda Gilberg of Frock Couture
Rhonda Gilberg of Frock Couture

If you're looking for something classy but cozy, cute but comfy, you want Frock Couture! LoveToKnow had the chance to talk with Rhonda Gilberg, the mind behind an incredibly innovative new item of "loungerie," about her inspirations, designs, and more in this special interview.

Meet Rhonda Gilberg

Surprisingly, Rhonda Gilberg isn't a fashion designer by trade. This creative and versatile woman is an attorney with over a decade of experience and a passion for fashion as well. Here Rhonda tells us in her own words about her background and the inspiration behind Frock Couture.

Rhonda Gilberg (RG): I do not have any fashion or design background, but I do love to shop! I have been an attorney since 1992. I have worked in the public and private sector. I worked as an Assistant District Attorney for five years and I was supervisor of the Domestic Violence Unit, which is why a portion of the proceeds of Frock Couture is donated to HAWC, a local battered women's organization.

My Nana, who still is a very stylish Nana, always wore and wears a housecoat when she was getting ready for the day or preparing for a night on the town. She also would wear a housecoat when she was just hanging around the house. The housecoats or dusters were pretty frumpy! When I put on my makeup and blow dry my hair, a towel falls off, a robe is too hot, and those Velcro wraps never stay on. If the doorbell rang, I had nothing presentable to wear. I started to ask women, what do you wear under these circumstances, and no one had a set garment that they wear. So I started thinking and I said I want to bring back the housecoat, and make it trendy and glamorous so women can look good and feel good at home -- or be able to throw it in your suitcase for a vacation or business trip!

The Frock Couture Answer

The Grace dress from Frock Couture
The Grace

LoveToKnow (LTK): On your website you mention some of the traditional items used for loungewear -- towels (they fall off! we've all been there!), robes (can be bulky, and not the item you want to answer the door in), and sweats (aren't exactly stylish). How does Frock Couture compare to these items?

RG: Frock Couture is very unique. It is in a category all its own. It fills a niche that is clearly missing in the market. There is a Frock Couture that is flattering to every body type and a style that covers every age bracket. They are all made for women to look good and feel good, not frumpy. They are stylish, yet they are useful because they can be worn at home or at any home away from home.

They don't fall off, they are not too heavy, and they make you feel glamorous at home. They are light and comfortable, but yet not see through, so they can be worn around family, company, or anyone that may come to the door. They all have zippers that completely open up so it's easy off, easy on. They all come with their very own matching headband. This can be worn when you wash your face or just want to get your hair off your face.

The Designs

The Natalie dress from Frock Couture
The Natalie

LTK: Each of your the designs in your Frock Couture collection is different and distinctive. Can you tell us about your inspirations for the individual designs?

RG: I can't say I had an inspiration for any one design. What I can say is that it was very important for me to choose styles that would fit different body types and different age brackets. Some women like long, others short. Some women like short sleeves, others sleeveless or long sleeves. I really wanted to give women a broad range of choices so they could choose what would be most comfortable and glamorous for them to wear at home.

I have taken great care in selecting the fabrics that Frock Couture is made of. They are either cotton poplins or knits. Most of my prints are original vintage prints or original prints that I purchased from print artists. The fabric, design, feel, and overall look of Frock Couture is truly special and unique from anything else sold on the market. There is truly nothing else for women to wear at home that has the comfort and glamour of Frock Couture.

The Perfect Gift!

The Jackie dress from Frock Couture
The Jackie

LTK: These modern 'housecoats/housedresses' are the perfect gift for women of any age. Do you have any recommendations when purchasing Frock Couture as a gift?

RG: The gift options for Frock Couture are endless. First and foremost it is a great gift for every woman to buy themselves! It is a great gift for any woman - mother, daughter, aunt, grandma, cousin, friend, etc. It is a great gift for a woman going off to college. It is great for a bride or bridesmaid gift. It is great for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or Hanukkah. It is great for a new mother, a nursing mother, any woman going into the hospital or coming home from the hospital. The list truly goes on and on.

LTK: Do you have a personal favorite design?

RG: I truly love all of the designs. Although all of the designs have been popular, the designs that I have found to be the most popular are Doris, Grace, Jackie, and Natalie.

Where to Buy and Future Plans

LTK: Where can we buy Frock Couture?

RG: Please stay tuned to find out where you can buy Frock Couture. It is best to check the Where to Shop section on my web site.

LTK: What are your future plans for the company?

RG: My future plans are to develop more products that complement Frock Couture. I also plan to expand Frock Couture so it can reach women everywhere. All women to deserve to look look good and feel good at home.

''Thanks to Rhonda Gilberg for sharing more about the hippest frock to wear around the house. For more information, please visit the official website at:

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Frock Couture Interview