Flowy Clothing for Women

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Choosing flowy clothing for women can be a surprisingly exciting process. Not only do you shop for styles that are fresh and interesting, but you also find comfortable items to wear. Stylish, relaxed clothes, here we come!

Flowy Clothing for Women: Selections for You

"Flowy" clothes fit in a variety of categories. You can pick from loose tunics worn as dresses or long tops, a full-length dress, or even a pair of summery palazzo pants. Fabrics like jersey, chiffon, and chambray work perfectly with a relaxed fit, and once you start shopping, you'll see that you have plenty of choices for flowy clothing for women.

Fit Tips for Flowy Clothing

Are you trying to hunt down flowy items, but you're just not sure what to select? Check out these options for every season.


Select a dressy top that falls close to your body at one point. For example, choose a tee that has cap sleeves, but that has an a-line shape in the torso.

  • Don't choose a flowy top that is too short. If you don't know what length to buy, look for one in a below-waist, above-hip length that feels comfortable.
  • For a top that works well in any season, hunt down a tunic in jersey fabric. They are soft, comfortable, and not unlike your favorite t-shirt.


Tunics are a nice in-between option if you are looking for something belted, worn as a dress, or simply worn as a top over jeans.

  • Wear a tunic top that has a delicate feel, so you won't be weighed down by extra fabric. Look for tunics in silk and chiffon.
  • Identify what you love in t-shirts, and then translate that to a tunic. Sleeves, necklines, and design details can all remain similar.


The maxi dress might be a somewhat obvious selection for flowy clothes, but there's a reason: it's so comfortable! This ankle-skimming item will become a summer must-have in no time.

  • Don't be afraid to look hard for that maxi dress with a flattering bodice. Many of them feature tiny shoestring straps and deep v-necks, but they don't have to! You can find maxi dresses with a scoop neck shape and sleeves if you look carefully.
  • Try your maxi dress with flats for a more casual look.

Trousers and Shorts

Flowy palazzo or wide-legged pants are more unusual for the general fashion maven, but that doesn't mean you can try them! Easy on the hip area, they flatter a variety of body types and are perfect eveningwear.

  • Hunt down a basic pair of black palazzo pants to start.
  • If you prefer cropped styles, buy a pair of flowy trousers in the form of gaucho pants. They look great with sandals, loafers, or strappy heels and you can wear them with any casual top.

Where to Buy Flowy Clothing

  • Delia's offers fashion-forward pieces for the younger set and their tunics are highly recommended with opaque tights and flats.
  • JCPenney always marks down their flowy selections in post-season sales. Look for pieces by designers a.n.a. and Nicole Miller, which are very high quality.
  • Swing by Target for inexpensive items with all-season appeal.
  • Look for plus-size friendly selections at SWAK Designs. They offer great flowy palazzo pants starting at size XL.
  • Need petite summer items? Ann Taylor LOFT has an impressive section filled with items for slimmer, shorter-stature ladies. One of the best flowy items they offer is a long skirt, which is both beach- and weekend-appropriate.
  • Couture Candy is a good choice for mid-priced flowy dresses from notable designers.
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Flowy Clothing for Women