Interview with Eco-Friendly Clothing Designer Nadia Nour

Evening gown from the Nadia Nour Spring 2009 Collection
Nadia Nour Spring 2009 Collection

Successfully bridging the gap between comfort and style and sophistication and playfulness, eco-friendly clothing designer Nadia Nour has a multifaceted clothing collection to her credit. Innovative, creative designs are her forte, born of a creative streak that started at an early age and world travels that exposed her to various cultures.

Nour attributes the latter to her mother's airline industry job, which allowed her to gain inspiration from cities, landscapes and museums all over the world. The designer's penchant for simple observation and her degrees in philosophy and fashion design were instrumental forces in the path that led to her current role.

Eco-Friendly Appeal for the Modern Woman

Appealing to the modern woman, Nour's styles are cut to flawless perfection. They run the gamut from glamorous, classy dresses and high-waisted skirts to frilly blouses and chic blazers. What makes the line truly noteworthy, however, is Nour's commitment to a more natural way of dressing. In fact, Nour's impressive contribution to the eco-friendly fashion movement is more than simply noteworthy - it's unexpected. That's because her styles attend to a different genre of "green" than the usual fare.

That can soundly be attributed to Nour's use of all natural and select organic textiles, which she fashions into the sorts of designs one might spot on the runway at Fashion Week. This drastic departure from typical organic fashion is precisely what is considered the strong point of her various collections. Distinctive, classic and openly experimental, the eco-friendly clothing designer's works are smart, sensible additions to the stylish female's wardrobe.

Nour was kind enough to sit down with us to answer a few questions about her background, her thoughts on the growth of eco-friendly fashion and some of her own personal style favorites.

About Eco Friendly Clothing Designer Nadia Nour

LTK: Nadia, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions! What first drove you to become a fashion designer?

Nadia Nour: I started off like most kids of the 1980s, customizing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers with Bedazzlers, paint, patches and tie-dye. This made me realize that personalizing my clothes was a powerful form of self-expression. Working with fabric came intuitively to me, and I came to love fashion as an art form and as a compelling mode of communication.

LTK: How did you get your start in the industry?

NN: My first industry job was as a technical designer for a high-end jewelry line.

LTK: Who is your own favorite designer, and why?

NN: My favorite is Oscar de la Renta, because he always keeps the focus on creating beautiful, flattering clothes with a timeless sensibility.

Organic Materials and Inspiration

Outfit from the Nadia Nour 2008 Fall Collection

LTK: Eco-friendly fashion seems to grow more popular every day. What are some of the characteristics of your line that make it stand out from the pack?

NN: Organic fabric has come a long way from the neutral colored sackcloth that some people still associate with it. Many designers are offering organic bamboo knits, but there is still a lack of sophisticated organic woven fabrics on the market. I am offering vibrantly colored organic silks and cottons that are tightly woven with high thread counts. The rich colors are achieved with plant and vegetable dyes, like pomegranate rind and turmeric.

LTK: What inspires your designs?

NN: I think of my collection as "modern vintage." I try to make every piece I design have a sense of newness, while still being relevant over a period of time.

Tips, Trends and the Future

LTK: On the cusp of fall, what are your predictions for the season's biggest trends?

NN: Dresses will still be big, especially with tights. High-waisted skirts and pants that are flattering to many body types are also hot. Layering will make a comeback with cardigans, button-down shirts and cropped jackets as key pieces.

LTK: What is the one no-fail, timeless item that every woman should have in her closet?

NN: A pencil skirt is a must!

LTK: What can we expect from you in the future?

NN: The line is expanding and we are creating bigger and more frequent collections. We are looking forward to being carried internationally starting in spring 2009.

Learn more about the Nadia Nour collection online at her official Web site.

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Interview with Eco-Friendly Clothing Designer Nadia Nour