Drop Waist Shirt Dress

floral drop waist dress

There are a number of different ways to wear a drop waist shirt dress.

The Shirt Dress Explained

Before getting into the details of the drop waist design of this particular type of dress, let's first explore the ins and outs of shirt dresses. At its simplest, a shirt dress is just what it sounds like: a dress that looks like shirt. Though these dresses look like shirts, they certainly don't wear like them. This is a good thing, because who wants to run around looking like all they are wearing is an oversized shirt?

Traditional Style

The top of a shirt dress looks just like the shirt for which the dress was designed around. These designs can range from polo shirts to button down shirts and even to even tuxedo shirts. Some designers choose to carry the shirt design all the way down the dress. For instance, a shirt dress with a top like a women's or men's button down shirt may have buttons running all along the front. Since these are dresses and not shirts, designers taper in the waist of the dress a bit to give it structure. Many button down shirt dress designs are also fitted with cute belts.

The Drop Waist

A drop waist shirt dress is designed a bit differently than the traditional shirt dress by where the seam for the waist is dropped below the general area of the natural waist. Generally, the seam on a shirt dress with a drop waist falls to the hip or the top of the thigh. Where the dress falls on you, depends largely on your height.

Wearing a Drop Waist Shirt Dress

A shirt dress with a drop waist can be worn in a few different ways:

  • Alone - The most natural way to wear this type of dress is by itself with a pair of sandals, boots or heels.
  • Leggings - Many women choose to wear a drop waist shirt style dress with a pair of body hugging leggings.
  • Jeans - Skinny jeans work only if the dress is full at the bottom. Also, you may want to avoid wearing a polo style drop waist dress with a pair a jeans; it may look like you are simply wearing a pair of jeans with a shirt that is too long for your body.

Shopping for a Shirt Dress

If you are looking for a drop waist type of shirt dress, you may want to hit the mall. That is, of course, unless you are built like a model (lucky you!). The reason you want to go to the stores for this type of dress is so that you can actually try it on. The drop waist will fall differently on you body then on the models or mannequins in pictures. If you are shorter, then the waist may fall too low, making the dress look awkward. If you are taller, the waist may fall too high, negating the entire look of the drop waist design.

Of course, you can browse the specific designs on styles of shirt dresses featuring drop waists online before you head to your local boutiques so you know exactly what it is you're looking for.

Online Browsing

Here are a few great stores that offer a variety of different styles for a shirt dress with a drop waist:

  • Shop Style - This website has just about every style of shirt dress you can imagine.
  • Nordstrom - This junior-sized shirt dress features pretty polka-dots and a traditional shirt collar.
  • Old Navy - These drop waist dresses are functional and affordable.

Finding the Perfect Dress

As we all know, women's bodies are all different beautiful shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, we all also know that sometimes, it seems like designers make clothing based on one body type or style. The best way to truly find a drop waist dress that fits your body perfectly is to head to the store and try a bunch of different ones on.

Drop Waist Shirt Dress