Dress Like Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

"Dress like Victoria Beckham" might seem like a challenging command, but Mrs. Beckham does have a few mainstays in her closet. She's a style star with plenty of panache, but she also happens to have an enviable figure and a very defined waistline. Don't worry: Despite Victoria's usual choices of the skin-tight and the revealing, she also wears shaped trench coats (a classic style for everyone), gorgeous high heels (most women's top footwear of choice), and trendy items (of which we should all have a few). See? You can dress like Victoria Beckham this season!

Trench Coats

You don't need to buy your coat at Burberry to have it mimic Victoria Beckham's look. Find structured items at shops like Old Navy and The Gap (or Lane Bryant if you need an extended size), and then add a wide, quality belt to nip it in more than what a sash tie can offer.

Sleek Dresses

Victoria Beckham has some fantastic dresses in her closet that are sleek and well-defined, not to mention pretty interesting. To start shopping like Victoria, you can try a navy blue, sleeveless dress that hits right above the knee. Try one with a notch collar or a similar style, and don't forget to add one major accessory paired with your choice, like statement earrings or a simple (but expensive-looking) watch.

High-Waisted Jeans

Victoria Beckham is not afraid to push the silhouette world and churn out some inspired jeans. Try out ultra high-waist jeans in dark colors that slim. For a crisp look with those slimming jeans, don't be afraid to plop on a newsboy cap and a pair of suspenders or a waistcoat.

Very High Heels

Blue high heels

No matter what you choose to wear based on Victoria Beckham's "posh" style, heels are a must. Victoria's heels are usually stacked or stiletto style, which means that you will feel comfortable if you shop smart. Hunt down tall pumps with a rounded toe and heavier stacked heels for balance, and don't shy away from bright colors! Mrs. Beckham has worn nearly every color on the planet, so choose a pair that coordinates with your favorite outfits, or your favorite colors.

Cleavage-Centric Items

Cleavage is more than welcome in Victoria Beckham's world. She has quite the repertoire of impressive push-up bras and boosting bustiers, and you can, too. Simply add a corset with lift to wear underneath your blazers and tailored tops, or use special uplifting adhesives or a stick-on bra for perfect uplift. Even one bra can make a difference, and Victoria's Secret always has amazing sales on some great bras.

Short Skirts

Go for the gams! Shorter skirts are the way to go, but if you are not in the mood for a skirt that shows off a good deal of the legs, you can try a longer, knee-length skirt with a deep slit on the thigh or in the back.

Shop for Clothes to Dress Like Victoria Beckham

  • Go to ASOS for styles directly based on Victoria Beckham's recent choices. While they are a UK-based company, they also ship to the United States.
  • Visit Topshop for clothes that are often loved by celebs, including ones who dress just like Victoria Beckham.
  • Swing by Victoria's Secret for an effective push-up bra.
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Dress Like Victoria Beckham