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Dockers Jaelynn Pant

Casual Jaelynn Pants

Women who want a trouser that is stylish, comfortable and flattering love the Dockers Jaelynn pant. Whatever your shape, the Jaelynn will show you off at your absolute best.

Look of the Dockers Jaelynn Pant

Dockers have long been popular among those who like a cool, comfortable khaki trouser. Made for both men and women, they are sturdy and sensible, but always stylish. A woman can wear a pair to work or for all her weekend activities. A few pairs in different colors can take care of a casual wardrobe for years. The Dockers Jaelynn pant is especially designed for those who need a bit of slimming and shaping and don't want to wear uncomfortable shaping underwear, especially under trousers. These are not "mom jeans" or anything frumpy. Instead, they are the classic Dockers with a hidden panel designed to gently flatten your tummy and smooth the trouser front. The pockets are slanted to increase the slimming effect. The adjustable waistband features an extended tab, which gives the trousers a snappier look. They close via a hook and eye. The waistband is actually referred to as "individual fit" and can help minimize any gaps when you sit or squat - ideal for those who would prefer not to be too much on display.

For those familiar with Dockers, the cut used to be called Ideal Fit and is now called Curvy Fit. But the effect is the same in that it's carefully designed so as to flatter your figure. It sits slightly below the waist and is a straight leg trouser. The fabric content is 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Spandex for some flattering stretch. They are machine washable, adding to their convenience, but will keep best if you wash them in cold water and allow them to hang dry. The Dockers Jaelynn pant come in a range of colors and are also available in plus sizes up to 24W.

What Wearers Say

These Dockers get very high marks from those who wear them. Some wearers on Amazon love the mid-rise and boot-cut effect and rave about how soft and easy to wear they are. Most important, the trousers do what they say - they make you look slimmer and flatter your curves. Women who had given up on Dockers a few years ago because the quality of the fabric had declined are now new converts, noting that the fabric is thick and soft and less prone to wrinkles. It's felt that they run true to size and even work for those who have some disproportions in their curves. Happy wearers are also quick to note that the Dockers are low maintenance and hold up well in the wash, which is crucial for those who haven't got a lot of time to fuss over their clothes.

Where to Find Them

If you are familiar with Dockers sizing, you can always purchase online, including from the web site. Additionally, they are available in such stores as Kohl's, JC Penney and Macy's, so you can go in and try them on and determine what size and color work best for you without risking having to send them back and try again. What a number of women do is buy a pair in the store and then go online to search out discounts - of which there are many - and end up buying several more pairs. What with the flattering cut and reasonable price, those who love them consider them a necessary staple of a working wardrobe.

Dockers Jaelynn Pant