Different Ways to Tie a Shawl

shawl as skirt

There are many different ways to tie a shawl as either an item of clothing or an accessory. A shawl can be made into a shirt or skirt, worn as a beautiful accessory to complete an outfit, or used in place of a coat in cool weather.

Wearing a Shawl as Clothing

To turn a shawl into a shirt, place the wrong side of the shawl facing out and tie a knot close to the top behind your neck. Hold the other two ends around your waist and tie another knot at your back. Turning a shawl into a skirt is easy. Simply fold the shawl in half like a triangle. Then wrap the widest part of the shawl around your waist and knot it securely. This is a great cover-up look over a bathing suit or leotard.

Different Ways to Tie a Shawl as an Accessory

A shawl can be worn just like a scarf. Here are several different ways to tie a shawl like a scarf:

  • Fold the shawl into a triangle, just like a scarf. Drape the scarf around your neck and tie it loosely in front. To keep the shawl from untying, you can fasten the loose ends with a brooch.
  • Fold the shawl the long way, like a rectangle. Place the middle at the front of your neck and let the ends hang loose over each shoulder.
  • Again, tie the shawl the long way and place the middle at the front of your neck. This time wrap the ends of the shawl around your neck and tie them in the front.
  • If the shawl isn't too long or bulky, you can tie the scarf around your neck and tuck the ends into a jacket or a sweater to create a collar-like effect.
  • A popular look, especially in Europe, is to fold the scarf in half the long way. Put the scarf around your neck with the folded end on one side and the loose end on the other. Then take the loose ends and slide them through the loop in the front. Let the ends hang loosely.
  • Finally, for a truly unique way to tie a shawl, take the four ends and tie them all together. Turn the scarf upside down and you have a great new purse.

Wearing a Shawl in Place of a Coat

If you want to wear a shawl instead of a coat, you can just drape the shawl over your shoulders and let it hang loose. If you are worried about the shawl slipping off, then tie the ends behind your back to keep it in place. Another look is to drape the shawl across your front and toss one end over a shoulder. This creates a casual, effortless look.

Versatile Shawls

Fashion magazines are constantly pronouncing the shawl in or out. The shawl is actually a timeless accessory that never goes out of style. By wearing a shawl in the hot color of the season, you can update your look without spending a fortune.

Plus a shawl can be a practical, low-cost alternative to a coat. It can add much needed color next to your face and spruce up a slimming all-black outfit. Shawls can also take the place of jewelry.

The bottom line to shawls is that there is no right or wrong way to tie them or wear them. Be creative and create your own look.

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Different Ways to Tie a Shawl