Date Outfit Ideas

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Whether you are currently in a relationship, married or dating - your outfit plays a major role in communicating a message. What you wear gives your date a visual glimpse or insight into your personality, so you want the right look.

First Date

Of all the various types of dates that you will go on with a potential suitor, the first date is often the one that stirs up butterflies. There are many factors connected to the impression you would want to make on this type of date., and there are plenty of style mistakes women make on first dates. Stay away from an outfit that is too aggressive or sexy. Instead, create a look that is subtle, fun and not intimidating. Going for a pop of color in a simple dress and a hot pair of boots or shoes will play up your awesome personality. An a-line dress can be paired with dangling earrings, a blazer, printed tights and ankle bootie, as well.

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Dinner With the Parents

First impressions often last and are hard to replace. That's why meeting his parents for the first time is a dinner date scenario that should not be taken lightly. Although how we dress is a reflection of our personalities, consider tapping into the most conservative part of your personality for this occasion. Skip looks that are tight, revealing or too dressed down. Wearing a top with a hint of flair with a solid color pant is a great example of a fashion forward outfit that is casual with a touch of edge. To play up an outfit like this, add a vest or jacket, a clutch and jewelry.


Dinner and a Movie

Have plans to skip cable and go out for dinner and a movie? While the movie part of this date scenario calls for laid back, the dinner part might suggest a slight turn up of edge. The style solution calls for a jumpsuit. The one- piece outfit can be worn in several ways and dressed up or down for any type of outing. In this case, keep it at ease with a long cardigan or denim jacket, simple necklace and earrings, and either a ballet flat or pair of wedges.

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Afternoon Date

If you and your significant other or potential beau have an afternoon date, it might include something such as visiting a museum or art gallery. Try a look that is fun and edgy. Wearing a graphic knit top and faux leather jeans with a jacket or coat is a great way to go casual and non-boring while taking in the art scene of the city. If after the museum are you going to head out to dinner, you can easily amp up your style. Switch the top and pair your faux leather jeans with a vintage tee, blazer, heels and you are ready to go.

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Date Night On the Town

Heading out on a date night with your husband, fiancé or long-term boyfriend? Tap into your little black dress collection and add some lace stockings and a sharp pair of boots to create a phenomenal look. If you happen to prefer a more feminine style, ditch the boots and wear heels with your dress. To turn up the sizzle factor, add either a Moro jacket or a fur. Outerwear with an attitude is a must to complete a hot black dress look.

Mini skirt lace stockings

Site-Seeing Date

One of the great things about setting up ideas for dates is the opportunity to learn about each other while sharing an experience. If one such scenario involves exploring monuments of the city for a site-seeing date, make being comfortable a part of the wardrobe goal. A basic white shirt, jeans and canvas sneakers is a casual and fuss-free outfit. Since a lot of the time spent on this type of date is easy going and outdoors, your look should reflect the flow of the day. Heels and fussy clothes would only get in the way of feeling relaxed. Another option with jeans and canvas sneakers would be a knit sweater or fashion-forward shirt.

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Date at the Theater

Going to check out a theater production, play or musical is a memorable date outing and great way to share interests. Going city chic for this particular dating scenario would be a great idea. A posh black dress a sleek pair of heels, baubles and a clutch are all you need for a cultural night on the town. If you wanted to pair knee boots with your dress, go for a classic suede pair that do not slouch but instead snugly fit the leg. Keep your look classy and flawless for the theater.

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Dressed for the Occasion

Are you ready to look and feel your best for your next date? When pulling together an outfit, keep in mind your personal style, your intentions for the date and the occasion, then dress accordingly.

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