Cute Outfit Ideas with a Tank Top

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It may seem like a rather basic garment, but it's entirely possible to come up with cute outfit ideas with a tank top. Even the simplest piece can look intriguing when it's styled right.

About Tank Tops

Some articles of clothing are simply wardrobe essentials. These are the types of clothes we don't think twice about purchasing, and often we own them "just because." A range of inexpensive T-shirts in a variety of colors, several pairs of jeans, basic cardigans, crisp white blouses and easygoing tank tops are all classic pieces that remain relevant year after year.

During spring and summer in particular, the ubiquitous tank top is more than just an essential - it's practically a seasonal uniform, perfect for keeping cool in uncomfortably muggy, hot conditions while still remaining sensibly covered up and not baring an unreasonable amount of skin.

Cute Outfit Ideas with a Tank Top

Similar to other basic wardrobe pieces, tank tops go with nearly everything. They're ideal partners for jeans, shorts and capri pants, and they look cute and relaxed with comfortable skirts. It is possible, however, to make a statement with your tank top despite its overall simplicity. It's all about how you coordinate your outfit and make the entire look work for you.

Paired with the right pieces and accessories, your tank top can be the star of the show or just one part of a great looking ensemble. These cute outfit ideas with a tank top should help make the styling process a bit easier

Conservative Look

Keep in mind that a tank top goes with nearly anything. If you love the idea of wearing one but prefer more of a conservative overall look, pair your tank top with a long, flowing, "broomstick" style skirt. The look is undeniably summery, and will keep you cool without baring too much skin.

Adventurous Approach

If you'd like to stray away from basic territory and take a more adventurous approach, try a unique tank top with a floaty, loose cut instead. This style has an airy, unfettered hem that falls freely and looks incredibly relaxed. If your tank is longer, try it with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and heels for a sleek, head-turning look. If it's on the short side, though, try them with a pair of fitted (but not snug) trousers or capris. Finish with a pair of flat sandals for a cute warm weather look.

Relaxed and Sexy

Tank tops with asymmetrical hems also offer an unexpected take on an otherwise basic style. These are typically long and flowing, and they look great paired with fitted bottoms or even with short shorts, if you're bold enough to wear them. Since the look is so relaxed, stick with flip flops or simple sandals in lieu of dressy footwear.

Dressy Tanks

Tank tops can be dressy, too. Look for embellished styles that feature intricate details, such as ruffles, chiffon tiers, rosettes or embroidery. Pair it with a pencil skirt for a streamlined, sexy look, or try it with a short denim skirt to add a casual touch to your outfit.

Casual Chic

If you prefer a tank top with a bit more shape than the average cut, look for styles that feature empire waists or halter necks. Both are the epitome of summery casual-chic, and look right at home with everything from jeans to shorts.

No-Fail Tank Top Look

One of the most no-fail, effortlessly chic ensembles possible involves the ubiquitous tank top. Simply choose one you love - solid or print, any color scheme will do - and pair it with your favorite jeans. Throw a crisp, structured blazer on top, step into a pair of comfortable heels and finish with a statement necklace. This outfit is exceptional whether you're headed out on a semi-casual date, lunching with girlfriends or just hanging out at the mall for a few hours.

Where to Purchase

Tank tops are available at most clothing retailers. For great deals, pick up your most basic tanks at stores like Target and Old Navy, who offer classic colors year round for under $10. Dressier styles can be found at Macy's, usually for reasonable prices. If money is no object and you're seeking something by a big name designer, pay a visit to Bloomingdale's, Lord and Taylor or Neiman Marcus, who all carry large selections of tank tops year round.

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Cute Outfit Ideas with a Tank Top