Classy Halter Dress

Classy dresses are wardrobe essentials.

They are often overtly revealing, but there is such a thing as a classy halter dress, too. Halter styles are the epitome of elegance, but because there are so many variations of the actual cut, they can run the gamut from casual to formal.

About Halter Dresses

Halter dress styles have been popular for years. It's known for its flattering cut, which typically bares the shoulders and may occasionally dip low enough to reveal a hint (and sometimes more than that!) of cleavage. The back may be visible, too. In short, the halter dress calls attention to the body's upper half. This makes it an ideal choice for the woman who may wish to conceal any trouble spots on her lower half, such as thighs or hips.

A halter dress is surprisingly versatile. It's a summertime staple, worn by women worldwide when they want an alternative to shorts and T-shirts in soaring temperatures. It's also a dressy option that looks appropriately elegant for a glamorous occasion. Best of all, halter dresses can be extremely flattering to many different body types. It's a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons!

Defining a Classy Halter Dress

Classy halter dresses aren't hard to find; in fact, you can step into any decent department store and find an outstanding selection. During the warmer months of the year, chances are you'll find more than a few in a variety of bright and neutral shades, all appropriate for outdoor wear. Winter offers a richer, more dramatic color selection and focuses more on dressier styles. In either case, though, a classy style hangs somewhere before you. If there is any problem, it's defining class as it pertains to you and your sense of style.

For many women, simple modesty is the best definition of a classy dress. It's one that reveals just enough skin to be intriguing, yet still leaves something to the imagination. For others, classy can allude to the little details that make the dress a standout, perhaps with regard to embellishments or a unique design.

In general, classy tends not to refer to extremely low cut, bosom-baring dresses. A halter dress may need to meet several criteria in order to actually be considered classy, and while those traits may vary from person to person, a couple of elements are essential:

  • Fit: Though this applies to all garments, it's very true of a dress that's meant to be shown off! A halter dress is generally quite flattering on most figures, so there's no excuse not to wear one that flows seamlessly on the bottom and fits comfortably on top. Always dress to suit your body shape.
  • Color: What's your favorite hue? Stick to colors that flatter your skin tone for best results. You can never go wrong with a classic black dress or a vibrant red. Shy away from hues that wash you out. If you're heavier, avoid especially ebullient prints or horizontal stripes - both add bulk.
  • Style: Don't be surprised to find plenty of different halter styles. Some are immaculately embellished with all manner of embroidery, gemstones or sequins. Others may feature small cutout sections around the halter neckline. Straps may be very wide or extremely thin. Choose wisely based on the occasion. Over-the-top glitz is usually never a good idea, but a few well-placed adornments are appropriate. Thick straps conceal provide a bit more coverage and support if you have a fuller bust.

Remember that classy wardrobes ultimately consist of clothes that flatter your figure and emphasize your best features while minimizing trouble spots you may wish to conceal. Perhaps it sounds easier said than done, but halter dresses are perfect for accomplishing this seemingly tricky fashion feat.

Don't Forget

You've got the dress - but have you also got visible bra straps? Remember that a halter style dress demands either a strapless or convertible bra. Of course, this doesn't apply if you're just throwing on a cute halter over a bikini, but for those moments when you're looking your most polished and pulled together, you'll want to ensure those straps are hidden! Also, don't neglect to carry along a small shrug or evening shawl to keep warm in the case of a light chill.

Finally, don't skimp on accessories. Halter dresses are inherently chic and fashionable, but the addition of a gleaming clutch and a statement necklace or cocktail ring completes the picture to perfection. Slip into a pair of comfortable heels and you're sure to turn a few heads!

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