Celebrity Dresses for Sale

Photo of Keira Knightley in a blue strapless gown
Keira Knightley

If you're looking for celebrity dresses for sale, expect to shell out some serious cash.

About Celebrity Dresses

Many of the gorgeous gowns you see celebrities wear are on loan from the designer. These gowns cost astronomical amounts of money; we're talking tens of thousands of dollars. It seems crazy for some fabric and beading! Though some of the dresses are made with expensive materials, thousands of dollars seems insane for any one item of clothing. Then again, the celebrity world is dramatically different from those of us who live out here in the real world, so that amount of money may not seem crazy to them, right?

The fact of the matter is that celebrity dresses rarely go on sale unless it's to raise money for charity. The dresses are sold at auction for, once again, vast sums of money. For example, Keira Knightley's dress from the film Atonement just sold at auction for nearly $50,000.

If you're still in the market to find celebrity dresses for sale, here are some of the most common charities that offer them:

  • eBay Celebrity - The world's largest online auction site now has a section for celebrities to sell their items. Many big-name stars sell gowns here, and much of the money you'll spend goes to the charity of the celebrity owner's choice.
  • Donate My Dress - This website takes dress donations from everybody, but occasionally celebrities like Taylor Swift donate their dresses to help raise money for a good cause.

When Buying Celebrity Dresses for Sale

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when buying celebrity dresses:

  • Authenticity - Always check for authenticity. Generally, this comes with doing a little bit of research beforehand to make sure the celebrity actually donated the item to the specific place you are purchasing it from. Most celebrity dresses come with some sort of "Certificate of Authenticity" that includes an autograph from the celebrity and a picture of her wearing the dress.
  • Repairs - Celebrities are human, so dresses become torn and snaps fall off. If you're buying a celebrity dress from a reputable dealer or auction house, they will let you know about the damages before you purchase the dress.
  • Size - Again, every reputable store and auction house is going to let you know the size of the dress before you make your final purchase.
  • Return policies - Be sure to check out the return policy where you are buying the dress. This is helpful just in case the actual item looks nothing like the picture, or you develop a serious case of buyer's remorse, which is understandable when you're plunking down $50,000 for a dress.

Original Celebrity Dress Alternatives

If you're looking for the celebrity style of dress and not the actual dress itself, you're in luck. There are far more places to purchase celebrity dress knock-offs than the actual dresses themselves. They're also loads cheaper. Most of these replicas of celebrity gowns are just about identical to the original pieces, making it really difficult to tell the difference between the original dress and the knock-off.

Finally, authentic celebrity dresses and gowns for sale are difficult to find. If you really have your heart set on a specific gown, you have to check back with the auction sites listed above very often. Even then, there's no telling if you'll get outbid by another super fan. A last suggestion that may help you get your hands on the dress you want is to find out who designed the dress and make a call to their main store. Remember, many of the dresses celebrities wear are on loan from the designer. Sometimes, once the dress is returned, the design house will sell the dress themselves.

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Celebrity Dresses for Sale