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Women's Fashion History

Article Highlight: Twiggy Fashions of the 1960s

Twiggy fashions in the 1960s were mainly brief, bare, and daring. Twiggy, an extremely successful model in the 60s, was more than just a magazine maven: She was a trendsetter, a daring dresser, and an icon in… Keep reading »

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80s Fashion Pictures
80s Fashion Pictures

With so many trends to contend with each season, it's often refreshing to just go back in time for a moment and take a peek at women's fashion history. After all, it's the past - and all of its mistakes, glories and shining moments - that gave us the classics we consider wardrobe essentials today. In some cases, the past has even inspired some of today's trends!

Special Moments in Women's Fashion History

History is rife with major events that have shaped and influenced the role of women in society and in the home. With these changes have come major shifts in clothing choices. The flapper fashions of the 1920s will forever be admired for their brazenness and boldness. And without the "New Look" that captured the late '40s and paved the way for the fashionable '50s, women may not have grown to appreciate the opportunity to show off their elegant side in skirts, dresses and colorful accessories.

Similarly, trends of the '70s, '80s and '90s have all made permanent impacts on women's fashion today. It's clear that some of the world's most beloved fashion designers take their inspiration from the past. Many of the items we consider classics today are inventions of decades past - the crisp, white, button-down shirt, the sleek pencil skirt and the tailored trousers will always be reinvented to reflect the present day, but their beginnings lie firmly in the past.

Go Back in Time

It's fun to revisit the fashion annals of women's fashion history and witness the good, bad and ugly. Fashions are, in fact, highly representative of their respective eras - for example, we're all intimately familiar with some of the '80s fads that dominated the decade. Peruse through our articles on decades past, get the scoop on the actresses and singers who made memorable fashion choices (and blunders!) and draw inspiration for yourself from the past.

Women's Fashion History