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How to Tell if Shoes Are Slip-Resistant Before You Buy

How to Tell if Shoes Are Slip-Resistant Before You Buy

Getting the right slip resistant shoes can save your bones and medical bills, especially if you are prone to falling or working on slippery surfaces such as at a restaurant. But how do you test your shoes at… Keep reading »

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When it comes to making a style statement, women's fashion accessories are absolutely essential. Ranging from scarves and hats to socks and belts, the choices are limitless - and so is the potential to spruce up your wardrobe, stand out from the pack and express your individuality!

Accessorize In Style

Accessories are veritable tricks of the trade in the world of women's fashion.

Finishing Touches

Able to add a shot of glamour to a little black dress, color to a stark white blouse or edginess to an otherwise simple ensemble, accessories work their magic in myriad ways. With so many items to choose from, women today can build a wardrobe from minimal pieces and update their outfits time and again with everything dramatic scarves to girly socks!


Accessories are also important as seasons change. During the warmer months, women embrace floral printed scarves and skinny belts over their lightweight tops. When winter arrives, though, they break out the woolen hats, chic pashminas and tights. Just imagine what a pair of jewel-toned, patterned tights can do to a basic shift dress! Add a shawl to the mix and suddenly that summer dress is more than appropriate for winter.

Choosing Accessories

The knowledgeable writers and editors at LoveToKnow Women's Fashion aim to make the process of choosing your accessories and even understanding how to wear certain items easier. After all, shopping for just the right item should be fun and stress-free! We break it all down and make it simple, with helpful information on these topics and more:

  • How to wear certain pieces, such as scarves
  • In-depth looks at trendy and classic women's fashion accessories
  • Where to shop for accessories that will last a lifetime
  • What to wear your accessories with

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