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Wrinkle-Free Women's Clothing Styles and Tips

Wrinkle-Free Women's Clothing Styles and Tips

Wrinkle-free women's clothing is a perfect solution for travelers, busy moms, and students who don't want to use an iron. Any woman wearing standard-processed linen or cotton in hot weather can run into wrinkling… Keep reading »

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Dressing down doesn't mean that you can't look stylish. After all, chances are that you spend more time in casual attire than in any of your other clothes. Find out what you need to know about looking sharp while feeling comfortable, and discover the best places to shop for the relaxed clothing you need.

Ultimate Apparel Options

Just because you are relaxing at home or hitting the grocery store doesn't mean that you lose your style. Find sexy jumpsuits that fit your personality or explore your preppy style through tops, bottoms and dresses. You might even want to accessorize your look with fun knee-high socks.

Trendy Tops

Casual tops come in all different types of styles. You might go with an angora sweater to keep you warm or a crop top to show how hard you've been hitting the gym. You could add just a bit of lace to your tank to make it trendy or look for something completely unique. If comfort is the name of the game in your casual style, you might try peasant tops or even island style shirts.

Comfortable Bottoms

From comic book leggings to yoga pants to hot jean trends, finding the bottoms to fit your top are important. Explore the sheer comfort and options available in leggings like sexy looks or shiny styles. Get kick-back fashion choices that can slim your waist or accentuate your legs.

Decorative Dresses

Dresses come in all shapes and styles from fashion forward micro minis to cotton beach dresses. Finding your style is all about knowing how casual you want to go. Some might like a little more flair in their black and white dress while others will feel most at home in their simple peasant dress. You can also showcase a bit of sexy with your comfort in a chic maxi dress. Whether you are all about comfort or looking for sexy chic, there is a dress to fit just about every personality.

Accent With Accessories

When coordinating your outfit, you can't forget to accessorize with layers. You might add a fabulous plaid sweater vest to get a more business casual. You can also give your outfit a pop with a colorful cardigan sweater.

Coats and Jackets

No outfit is complete without a unique or classic summer jacket. These can come in bright flashy colors and lightweight fabrics. Are you more leather than lace? A versatile long black leather coat might be right up your alley.

Things to Consider

Creating an outfit is more than just the individual pieces. It's about bringing it all together and showcasing your personal style.

Coordinating Your Look

Depending on the season, you might create a cute summer outfit or a fun and flirty disco look. The right pieces can pull together your outfit, like the chic Victoria Beckham, or have you falling flat through a fashion faux pas. Look for pieces and fabrics that work together to create a uniform look. And if you are going for a funky casual style, don't forget to bring the color.

Personal Style

Are you a funky fashionista? Are you looking for a casual golfing look? Even when you are going casual remember to keep your own personal flair alive and well. To get inspiration, check out hipster fashions, Flashdance fashion or even gypsy style dresses. You don't have to give up your own personal touch when going casual.

Simple Sizing

Comfort and casual are old friends. You want to make sure that your casual look will highlight your best features. Explore how clothes can flatter wide hips or just how to wear jeans. Knowing how to size and how to wear your cloths can make sure that you always look F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S.

Check Out Top Designers

Everyone has their favorite clothing lines or fashion designers that they can't live without. Knockoff designer clothes are even available. Build your fashion repertoire by exploring designs that celebrate the everyday women like Bill Bass stretch jeans, Cato fashion and Liz Claiborne.

Casual Wear for All Budgets and Styles

Women have a range of tastes, lifestyles, and budgets - but they all want to look great, even when outfitted for casual occasions. That's why it's important to find a variety of choices from cute dresses and designer looks to great budget-friendly looks for less. Going casual doesn't mean that you need to lose your edgy, classic or even professional look.

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