Hot Picks in Women's Vintage Style Clothing

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Sense of Tasteful Dress in Navy
Sense of Tasteful Dress in Navy

Looking back on the past to see what was hot in clothing trends is always a great point of focus for a woman who loves the fashion industry. After all, what has been popular in the past often comes back into fashion. Vintage designs are the inspiration for a number of current fashion trends, so there are a number of hot, vintage-style fashions readily available.

Hot Vintage-Style Fashions


In the dresses category, various designers are pulling inspiration from the 50s and 60s, when dresses were very polished, and women always exuded a pulled together appearance. Design elements for these hot vintage styles include cinched waists and full skirts.

  • Eliza J Classy With a Kick Dress - Every detail of this dress exudes a vintage appeal. The gingham pattern reveal inspiration from the 50s, when poodle skirts were 'in' and hanging out at the ice cream parlor was a popular activity! The high, cinched waist with the medium-sized bow finishes the look to make it polished - just like a housewife in the 50s! This dress is available in sizes 6-12 and costs around $100.
  • Midi Dress in Navy - The overall silhouette and neckline of this dress is inspired by the 60s and is very Mad Men. The tiny waist and voluminous skirt easily show you what time frame the dress seems to pop right out of, but the button details and three-quarter sleeves make it a bit more modern. Even with its vintage feel, this dress is something you could wear to a cocktail party in current day. This striking dress comes in sizes extra-small to extra-large and can be purchased for around $80.


Bell sleeves and peasant detailing, is hot, hot, hot for vintage-inspired pieces right now! This trend is reminiscent of the 60s, with its flee flowing fabric and flouncy appearance.

  • BP Washed Bell-Sleeve Top - This blouse is a great example of the bell sleeve trend with a modern day feel to it. This waffle knit textured shirt can be modernized by pairing it with skinny denim, or paired with vintage-inspired denim to capitalize on the vintage style trend! It comes in sizes XXS through XL and is priced at $39.
  • The Ikat Print Knit Top by THML - Inspired by the 70s, this top gives off a serious hippie vibe. Ikat print trimmed with blue makes this baby doll piece a 70s vintage inspiration. Priced just under $70 and available in sizes XS through L, this wardrobe essential will step up your fashion game!


Many different designers are creating their skirts with a very vintage feel and channeling various eras in history. Two of the most popular styles are the boho trend, which brings together prints and gauzy, loose-fitting textures for a hippie feel, and micro minis, which channel the 60s.

  • Gestuz Presley Maxi Skirt - This piece is highly reminiscent of the hippie era of the 70s, with its bohemian print and flowing silhouette. This skirt is priced around $90 and is available in sizes XS through L.
  • Button Front Corduroy Micro Mini Skirt - Just looking at this micro mini would instantly bring anyone back to the Maude era, when the model Twiggy inspired women of all ages to believe 'the shorter the better!' This piece is transformed to modern day style with a button front finish. This mini comes in sizes XS to L and is priced around $60.


Reminiscent of the 60s and 70s, jumpsuits play a key role in modern day fashion. The sleek look that women drooled over in the past is coming into the spotlight again, but with a modern day twist. Designers are going for prints, lean lines, and low V-necks as they bring jumpsuits back to life!

  • Textured Palazzo Jumpsuit (pictured) - This is a killer jumpsuit that would look great on most body shapes. Solid colored, this jumpsuit features low V-neck, which is embellished with gauzy palazzo style pants. It's a very polished - yet relaxed look. It can be purchased for $39 in sizes extra small to medium in colors blue, red and black.
  • Aubrey Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit - The off the shoulder styling, fitted waist and wide legs on this jumpsuit make it very contemporary and very sleek. It is priced just under $90 and can be purchased in the XS through L sizes.


All you need to do is look around you at any given moment to see what is hot in women's pants - skinnies! This style has been hot for quite some time and is clearly not going anywhere! This style is inspired by the vintage style of the 80s, when women wore what was called 'peg leg pants' and actually folded their pants in to make them skinny at the bottom!

  • Vince Camuto Skinny Knit Pants (pictured) - These are a wonderful option because they are comfortable, flattering, and come in both regular and petite sizes. They are low rise and made of a spandex/nylon/poly blend for optimum comfort. They can be purchased for around $90.
  • Faux Leather Skinny Pant - These skinny pants are reminiscent of the 90s grunge era because of their slim, faux leather silhouette. These super-skinny pants are priced around $80 and are available in sizes XS through L.


If you are in the market for vintage-inspired denim, following the love child trend is the way to go! Many designers are showcasing wider leg denim that is softer and thinner than your typical modern denim, so it is not nearly as structured. In true bell bottom fashion, the silhouette is slimmer at the waist and gets larger as you move down the pant leg. In addition, denim overalls, another trend from the past, are hot right now!

  • Mid-rise Curvy Jeans - The 'super flare' aspect of these jeans channel the spirit of Woodstock. However, the super-stretch denim fabric is very modern day since spandex wasn't added to denim nearly as heavily during the 60s. The jeans are casual and comfortable and go great with everything. These vintage-inspired jeans are available in size 24 through 33 and cost around $70.
  • Overalls - Nothing says 'peace' like overalls. Everything about these overalls - from their destroyed appeal to the medium wash denim - instantly channels the 70s. These denim overalls come in sizes 2XS to L and are priced just under $70.


In recent years, the trend in shorts was that shorter is better, but not anymore! Designers are navigating away from that trend and focusing on the past when shorts were longer and hit closer to the knee. Higher-waisted options are also back in style.

  • Skimmer Shorts - Completely inspired by the pedal pushers that were popular in the 50s, these skimmer shorts are spot on with vintage design! They come in black, blue or truffle and in sizes XS to XL (petites). They are priced around $20, and are a closet staple because they will be current for years to come.
  • Amelia Rolled Knee Shorts - Available in sizes 0 through 12, these are a well-made, vintage-inspired piece for your wardrobe. They come in a darker wash denim that's great for day or night, and they're priced around $135.

Why Designers Look Back in Time

Designers simply look back in time for inspiration in order to move forward with new designs. They look at what was hot in the past and manipulate those designs to make them more current. These pieces then transform to become new and fresh again, and they win places in fashion lovers' hearts everywhere.

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Hot Picks in Women's Vintage Style Clothing