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At LoveToKnow Women's Fashion, you'll find tips on everything from basic wardrobe essentials to special occasion and formal dresses.

Use this site to help you meet your fashion needs, such as what to wear for your body shape and what colors are most flattering for you. Discover how to pull off the hottest fashion trends, must-have essentials and accessories for every season, and what to wear for casual events or vacations. Explore the best in ladies' business clothing, or browse historical styles and modern retro looks. No matter what your style is, from bohemian chic to romantic traditionalist, you'll find style ideas and shopping suggestions to help.

Article Highlight: Swimsuit Fitting Tips Interview

Heidi Pearson is the Principal Consultant for Chicago-based, Pearson PR Consulting, Inc., specializing in fashion, image consulting and style communications. Heidi's career brings her into contact with many designers, vendors, and fashion editors as she coordinates photo shoots for marketing campaigns and trains various clients for media… continue reading »

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