Knockoff Designer Clothes for Women

Knockoff designer items

If you have considered wearing knockoff designer clothes for women, you have come to the right place to explore your options. Even though knockoff clothes have a bad rap over the years, designer-inspired selections are good for working women who need to look their best in any situation.

Why Do People Buy Knockoff Designer Clothes?

Those of us who appreciate quality and want to support successful designers often wonder why people purchase knockoff designer clothes for women. It's not just about style, as you'll soon see.

Bragging rights: If you're a teenager and all your friends end up with designer pieces, there's a chance that you could feel left out. A knockoff piece is a quick way to avoid spending too much and to still stay "in" with your friends.

Job pressure: Some people feel that they need to portray confidence and affluence in their job, especially when it comes to power dressing. Bags with visible logos and clothing separates with an unmistakable silhouette are how some employees try to impress their co-workers. Some people in the fashion industry are able to scout out virtually undetectable knockoffs to further their image on the job.

Budget constraints: Some people purchase knockoffs to fill a need for a previously unaffordable item. While some people might find tight budgets a way of getting creative with new looks and with new shopping locations, budget constraints make some people desperate to buy copied pieces instead of waiting, saving, or thinking creatively.

Ethical Concerns with Knockoffs

There are serious ethical concerns with purchasing copied designer pieces. This list will get you acquainted with the major concerns, but you can find even more as you explore the knockoff world.

  • Knockoffs damage a designer's reputation as they flood the market. People put less credit on a designer when everyone is carrying a similar bag, fake or not, and that can spoiled the exclusive message that some designers want to send.
  • Copied clothing and accessories are well-known to be constructed in a location that does not treat its employees in accordance with the law. Often made overseas or across the border, these pieces support poor worker conditions, child labor, and poverty-level wages.
  • Knockoffs are illegal. A strict copy of a designer pieces violates intellectual property laws, and it can be challenged in court. Designers invest a great deal of time in creating designs for the public's consumption, and that investment is challenged when knockoffs are introduced.
  • Knockoffs are rarely perfect copies. While some companies claim that their copies pieces are perfect, materials and construction techniques are sub-par, which is how you save money on your purchase.

Quality Issues with Copied Pieces

One of the biggest problems you'll face when shopping for pieces that pull heavily for designer collections is quality. Unlike other original collections, these items are often constructed in areas with less rigid quality control standards. They also do not have the guarantees or serial numbers that designer pieces sport for quality control.

Buy Knockoff Designer Clothes for Women

If you are interested in buying pieces that are designer inspired, then these are some of the top places to begin browsing. Keep in mind that these are not true copies, but pieces that take elements from the runway and filter them into a successful and more original piece that's still trendy. We don't support buying copies at Love to Know.

Designer-inspired pieces are perfect legal and can be found at locations like ASOS (As Seen on Screen) and Forever 21. These stores pull from popular runway styles and celebrity clothing to create unique styles with a flair for the trendy. They are affordable and still fall in line with the season.

Whether or not you choose to wear pieces that look similar to designer selections is your own prerogative. While it's recommended that you consider "designer inspired" pieces instead of true knockoffs, where and how you do business with vendors is extremely important for the fashion industry and for your wardrobe.

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Knockoff Designer Clothes for Women