Jennifer Lopez Mint Green Dress

Jennifer Lopez

The Jennifer Lopez mint green dress will forever be a classic evening look. Jennifer Lopez wore her famous one-shouldered mint green dress to the 2003 Academy Awards and since then it has been a favorite look to copy. The dress even won her a best-dressed award for the Oscars that year.

Jennifer Lopez Mint Green Dress Basics

Fashion guru to the stars Valentino designed the dress. This renowned dress was a long silk evening gown that flowed gently away from the body. The outfit was a one-shoulder asymmetrical design that covered her one arm fully with a wide sleeve while her other shoulder and arm were completely bare. The highlight of the dress was the detail found on the bottom hem. It had a beautiful floral pattern made of sequins and lace. This hem extended from her arm down to the very bottom of her dress.

Jackie O Inspired

Fashion designer Valentino used to design dresses for the first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The Jennifer Lopez mint green dress was based off an original dress that Valentino had designed for Jackie O back in the 1960's. Jennifer's dress definitely showed a simple yet elegant style that stood out among the crowd, just as Jackie O used to do.

Who Can Wear This Dress

Jennifer Lopez has a very fit and trim celebrity body, but that doesn't mean that you have to look like a celebrity to wear this style of dress. Fortunately, this type of gentle flowing away from the body looks flattering on almost every body shape; especially on women who have bigger bottom halves that they may want to camouflage. In addition, the detail at the hem of the dress draws attention away from any problem areas.

A few important things when buying a dress like Jennifer's mint green one to consider follow.

  • An evening gown should always fit well and not be too loose or too tight. If you are in between sizes, then buying the bigger size is a wise decision. It is easier to take a dress in rather than let it out.
  • Keep accessories minimal with only a pair of earrings or a small bracelet. Let the dress speak for itself.
  • Always wear the proper undergarments especially in a silk dress like this one, where you can see through the material quite easily.

Where to Wear the Dress

This type of dress is not appropriate for all evening occasions. It is best worn to events and gatherings that are specifically black tie affairs such as:

  • Weddings
  • Charity balls
  • Proms
  • Prestigious award ceremonies
  • Play or movie premieres
  • Politcal balls and fundraisers

Where to Find a Similar Dress

Although most people will not be able to afford a custom-made dress like the Jennifer Lopez mint green dress, there are some places to shop to find dresses very similar in style.

  • has a wide variety of evening gowns as well as casual dresses. They offer hundreds of different styles of dresses and often carry designer knockoff dresses to look just like the original designer dress.
  • BCBG is another great place to look for Jennifer Lopez inspired dresses. They carry a wide selection of evening gowns that are both classic and trendy.
  • Bloomingdales is a good place to start shopping for evening dresses and designer dresses. They carry a wide selection of dresses in all different styles and cuts. Look for a timeless, flowing dress to copy Jennifer's dress.
Jennifer Lopez Mint Green Dress