Backless Black Dress

backless dress

Wearing a backless black dress is one sure way to make onlookers notice you coming and going. Every woman needs at least one little black dress in her closet. This is the go-to outfit when you need to get ready in a hurry or when you want to look fabulous with little effort. The little black dress can be accessorized to fit your function and is a reliable piece of clothing for many women.

For dramatic effect, choosing a dress that exposes most of your back will definitely turn heads. How should women wear such a dress in order to look classy and elegant?

How to Wear a Backless Black Dress

  • When choosing a backless dress, you need to determine how much skin you want exposed. For the classiest look, a dress that's modest in the front, keeping everything covered, will do the trick. People won't expect to see your entire back and it's that element of surprise that will keep them talking.
  • Some dresses are long and cut slim; if you're tall and willowy, you'll look fantastic in a dress cut in this shape. Sleeves can be long or short. For jewelry, consider classic pearls, but wear them in a non-traditional way. A long necklace can either be worn to plunge down your front, or switch things up and wear your necklace down your back.
  • Other backless dresses come in shorter lengths. If you have legs that other women envy, this is a style you might consider. However, if the dress is very short and much of your back is exposed, choosing the right shoes and accessories will keep your ensemble from looking cheap. This is a look best worn by younger women.
  • How should you wear your hair for the most dramatic effect? If your hair is long, wear it up so that the part of your body the dress emphasizes is shown off to full effect. Updos are the perfect style, such as a French twist; even a classic chignon will do. Wearing long hair down your back takes away from showing off this part of your body.
  • It's important to make sure your dress fits perfectly, especially if the back plunge is particularly deep. You don't want anything lower than your back to show! When you try on your dress, look in a mirror from all angles to make sure your back is exposed, but nothing more than that.
  • For women who are small-breasted, you can probably go without a bra. If your bosom is too large to go braless, there are lingerie items that will give your bust the support and enhancement you need with no straps across your back. Try a backless bra or adhesive bras for the most flattering look. The last thing you want across your bare back is a bra strap, which will take away from this sultry fashion vibe, so choosing the right lingerie to wear underneath is essential. There are a variety of options in this department, so finding bra support to fit your backless fashions shouldn't be difficult.
  • A clutch is a good handbag to carry when wearing a dress like this. The dressier the occasion, the fancier your bag should be. If your dress is more casual, a less dressy bag is fine, but it should still match your dress in tone. A bulky shoulder bag is not the best choice when wearing a dress like this.

Appropriate Events

While your backless black dress may become your favorite fashion, keep in mind that it won't be appropriate for every event you attend. Cocktail parties and after-five functions are perfect settings for your dramatic attire, but religious ceremonies and some weddings aren't the best places to sport such a dress. Guests are always advised not to wear clothing that takes the focus away from the bride; plus, while wedding dress rules have relaxed in recent years, some traditionalists feel black is not the color to wear to a wedding.

Wear It Well

When you find the perfect backless dress, you'll know it. Not only will it fit you perfectly, it'll make you feel confident and beautiful. When wearing a dress like this, do it justice and enter a room like you own it. Once you pass other people and they see the back of your attire, expect a lot of admiring looks!

Backless Black Dress